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EDP Summer Sizzler 2023 Tournament Recap

The EDP Summer Sizzler hosted 270 teams over the weekend, with all games being played at Tuckahoe Turf Farms in Hammonton, NJ. Summer's biggest event in the Mid Atlantic Region — close to 100 clubs were in attendance from seven states, with clubs from NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE, MD and VA. In total, 46 Champions were crowned on Sunday.

Some top performing teams of the weekend were A.S. Junior Elite 2014 Boys, Wall Elite Atletico and SJYS - Summer Select 2014 Girls, who were the only three teams that allowed zero goals against during group play. Futboltech Summer Select - 2015 Girls, New England Cardinals B2013 Red and NJ Nationals FC 2012 Girls Blue were the top three teams in goals scored during the event. Top performing clubs were Reel Stream Media Group Select, Royal Sporting New York, The Football Academy NJ, FC DELCO, AS Junior Elite, and Philadelphia Union, who each averaged more than 1.75 points per game and had four or more teams in the event.

A look at some of the weekend's results:

8U Boys

In the Guatemala Bracket, RSMG Select 2015B (NJ) defeated NJ Premier B2015 - BLUE (NJ) in the championship match after going a perfect 3-0-0 in the group stage. Philadelphia Union PPP 2015 Gold won the Honduras Bracket, and Philadelphia Union PPP NJ 2015 (PAE) won the St Lucia Bracket.

8U Girls

Futboltech Summer Select - 2015 Girls (NJ) and Lower Merion SC LMSC Summer Girls U8 (PAE) both entered the championship match 3-0-0, but it was Futboltech who dominated the final to claim the championship in the Philippines Bracket.

9U Boys

In the Nicaragua Bracket, Philadelphia Union 2014 PPP Gold (PAE) defeated RSMG Select 2014B (NJ) in the final, giving RSMG its only loss of the weekend. Philadelphia Union 2014 PPP Navy (PAE) won the Haiti Bracket, Royal Sporting NY 2014 White (NYE) won the Guadalupe Bracket and The Football Academy NJ 2014 Boys Gold (NJ) won the French Guiana Bracket.

9U Girls

In the Netherlands Bracket, Futboltech Summer Select - 2014 Girls (NJ) won the five-team round-robin bracket going a perfect 4-0-0. In the Colombia Bracket, SJYS - Summer Select 2014 Girls Team 1 (NJ) defeated Royal Sporting 2014 NY (NYE) in the final.

10U Boys

In the Panama Bracket, both New England Cardinals B2013 Red (CT) and Philadelphia Union 2013 PPP Gold (PAE) finished 3-0-1, and New England Cardinals won the bracket on the goal differential tie-breaker. Philadelphia Union 2013 PPP Navy (PAE) won the El Salvador Bracket, and Philadelphia Union 2013 PPP White (PAE) won the Suriname Bracket.

10U Girls

In the Canada Bracket, RSMG Select 2013G (NJ) defeated Royal Sporting 2013 NY Gold (NYE) in the final, allowing just two goals throughout the entire weekend. NJ Nationals FC 13 Girls Blue (NJ) won the France Bracket.

11U Boys

In the Canada Bracket, A.S. Junior Elite 2012 Boys (NJ) advanced out of the group on the goal differential tie-breaker over NY Red Bulls RDS Showcase B2012 Red (NJ), and went on to defeat Revolution Select 2012 (NJ) in the final. Other champions in the age group included Philadelphia Union 2012 PPP Gold (PAE), Philadelphia Union 2012 PPP Navy (PAE), Valencia 12 Black, River FC 2012 Boys Sky (NJ), and Spurrier PST 2012/2013 Select (NJ).

11U Girls

In the Australia Bracket, Cedar Stars Academy - Monmouth 2012G Pre GA (NJ) went 3-0-0 to reach the final, and defeated The Football Academy NJ 2012 Girls Gold (NJ) 2-0 to win the championship. NJ Premier G2012 (NJ) won the Germany Bracket, NJ Nationals FC 2012 Girls Blue (NJ) won the Sweden Bracket, and GAK 2013 Iron Union (NJ) won the Brazil Bracket.

12U Boys

In the United States Bracket, La Hermandad (PAE) won the championship defeating Philadelphia Union 2011 PPP Gold (PAE) in the final. PSA Monmouth '11 Boys Orange (NJ) won the Costa Rica Bracket, and Dribbling Impact 2011 B (MD) won the Antigua & Barbuda Bracket.

12U Girls

In the Ireland Bracket, NY Red Bulls RDS Showcase G2011/12 (NJ) and NJ Nationals FC 2011 Girls Blue (NJ) met in the final, and NY Red Bulls won in a very closely-played match. New England Cardinals G2011 (CT) won the Portugal Bracket going 4-0-0.

13U Boys

In the Mexico Bracket, Philadelphia Union 2010 PPP Gold (PAE) defeated FC DELCO Summer Select Black '10 (B) (PAE) in the final. The Football Academy NJ The FA 2010 Boys Summer (NJ) won the Curacao Bracket, and The Football Academy NJ The FA 2011 Boys Summer (NJ) won the Bermuda Bracket.

13U Girls

In the United States Bracket, Coliseum Soccer Club - West CNY Coliseum 2010 Girls (NYW) defeated FC DELCO Summer Select Black '10 (G) (PAE) on penalty kicks in the final, after FC Delco tied the game in the final seconds of regulation. Roxbury Venom Elite (NJ) won the New Zealand Bracket, FC DELCO Summer Select Black '11 (G) (PAE) won the Vietnam Bracket, and FC DELCO Summer Select White '10 (G) (PAE) won the Jamaica Bracket.

14U Boys

In the Jamaica Bracket, Philadelphia Union PPP NJ 2009 defeated Cohansey SC Kemp Soccer Summer Select in the final Union SJSL Select SJSL X Union Boys 2009 (NJ) won the Cuba Bracket.

14U Girls

A-game (NJ) won the England Bracket, defeating FC DELCO Summer Select Black '09 (G) in the final after the two sides drew 3-3 during the group stage. PSA Monmouth '09 NL (NJ) won the Italy Bracket with a record of 3-0-1.

15U Boys

In the Trinidad & Tobago Bracket, RYSA-JFC-DORTMUND (NJ) defeated SB Athletico SB Dunes (NYE) 5-3 in the final, Hamilton Elite FC Premier 2008B won the Qatar Bracket.

16U Boys

PSA Monmouth '07 NL (NJ) defeated Royal Sporting NY 2007 (NYE) 3-1 to win the Martinique Bracket. Both sides went 2-0-1 during the group stage.

17U Girls

Wall Elite Atletico (NJ) won the Morocco Bracket, not allowing a goal against the entire tournament.

18U Boys

Reading Rage SC '05-06 Neymar (PAE) won their matches 2-1, 2-1 and 2-0, and defeated Philadelphia Union PPP Senior's 2006/07 to claim the championship.

Check out all the scores and final standings HERE.



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