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See what clubs are saying about EDP Soccer

What a great tournament from a competition stand point and organizational standpoint. My kids and I enjoyed every minute of it thank you all for having us and everyone behind the scenes your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed

—  Eddie Johnson, Former US Men’s National Team player & Coach of EJ7

Very impressed and extremely satisfied with the organization on all levels particularly the safety procedures that were put in place at this weekend’s EDP Tournament. Well run along with frequent communication leading up to the venue and throughout the weekend. Staff was helpful, courteous, and professional. It was great to finally get back on the field having the kids play."

— Phil Iuliano, Director, US Parma 

“I spent the last two mornings at the Tuckahoe Turf Farms for the EDP Cup Spring 2020 Tournament. Great to see the kids back playing in a safe competitive environment. Protocols meant the teams stayed on opposing sides of the fields which gave the families peace of mind with regards to commingling with spectators from opposing teams. All players and coaching staff had their temperatures taken on entrance to the fields, parking was super convenient and the EDP on-site staff were as helpful as ever. Great way for all of the Wall Soccer Club players to get back to play after a very difficult time.”

— Michael Turtle, Director, Wall SC

“I could not have been more impressed with how the EDP has organized their tournaments the past two weekends. The health and safety protocols were absolutely first class. We all as coaches are here to serve one thing, the players, and EDP could not have done a better job to help us get back on the field!”

— Luke Tyler, Director, Deptford Premier

“Our club has always looked to EDP for quality matches and competition, the Summer Classic was no different. As our teams have returned to play, EDP was our first choice coming out of the COVID-19 shutdown. Their safety protocols at the fields were well thought out and executed, they exceeded our expectations. They have put procedures in place from temp monitoring and seating arrangements to field layouts and group scheduling.  Great job by EDP looking out for the safety of our teams, parents and coaches.”

— Sandeep Mehtani, Director, SJEB Rush

“The event ran very smoothly. The social distancing was maintained, and a safe environment was created for the players, coaches and spectators. Being able to provide this event safely for the players has been huge and much appreciated.”

— Jordi Meijer, Director, NJ Premier FC

“The event ran very smoothly. The social distancing was maintained, and a safe environment was created for the players, coaches and spectators. Being able to provide this event safely for the players has been huge and much appreciated.”

— Jordi Meijer, Director, NJ Premier FC

“EDP was the very first league I ever played in with PDA Xavi. It was a great experience for me, and I had lots of fun. My coaches would play me in the field a lot at that time and I really enjoyed that!  I even scored some goals when I played field.  For little kids to stand in a goal isn’t always so much fun, so I appreciate that they played me in different spots, and at the same time helped me develop my foot skills.  For a long time, I equally enjoyed both striker as well as a goalie, but I knew I had to make a decision. I love flying in the goal and that is my true passion.  Although I moved to the DA after playing in EDP, and I’m still grateful to have played there and started my career in the league because it provided me with great foundation for football.”

— Alex Borto, Former PDA player, current Fulham FC youth player

“Thank you to EDP for hosting a successful and safe college showcase amidst COVID. Great opportunity for the players to get out and compete again and for us college coaches to recruit prospective student-athletes while doing so safely thanks to EDP’s protocols, guidelines, and signage at the fields for all in attendance.”

— Ariana Ruela, Head Coach, Rutgers Newark Women’s Soccer

All of our players were excited to be back on the field and play against quality competition. EDP did a great job of not only putting in place all the proper return to play protocol, but communicating that protocol with all the players, coaches, and parents. We knew exactly what was expected of us and it was another great weekend of fun and safe competition.”

— Jared Harris, Coach, Lower Merion SC

“The most important aspect of the return to play for our club is player and family safety. EDP's protocols and guidelines allow for a safe and socially distanced environment while still enjoying the thrilling excitement of tournament soccer. When we first started our club back in 2018, we ventured into a few “outside” tournaments, but nothing compares to the tournament structure, organization, quality and overall operation of an EDP tournament. We look forward to the remaining tournaments this year that our club will be a part of.”

— Barry Lynch, Academy Director, Liverpool FCIA NJ 

“EDP did a fantastic job this weekend after reluctantly having to cancel some of Saturday's games. They rearranged the schedule to provide us with 3 back-to-back games on Sunday. This resulted in less time waiting around and more time playing. The tournament was so well organized, from arriving with temperature check, separation of both teams/parents and plenty of stations to sanitize. You can always rely on EDP to provide a high-level tournament with the best facilities. We look forward to the next event over Columbus weekend!”

— James Jacobs, STA-MUSC Head Coach 

“To be able to have our boys play their first games as a team at this event was a tremendous opportunity for our boys. With the quality that the event brought from the teams to fields, we could not have asked for much more.  We look forward to future EDP events and appreciate the opportunity to participate.”

— Jon Kopytko, Director of Coaching, Real Jersey FC

 “As I continue in my career, I look back at the beginning of playing youth soccer with Florence SA and Coach David in the EDP League and remember that as my start to my pathways to professional soccer.”

— Dantouma Yaya Toure, Former Florence SA player, current NY Red Bulls II player

“So far, I have been very pleased with US Youth Soccer and EDP in their ability to get the Conference season off the ground running in Massachusetts with all the specialized restrictions.” “The level of refereeing has been high quality and their knowledge of the rules has been excellent, as well. We are excited for the opportunities the league will bring to Massachusetts.”

— Rohit Gautum, Club Director, Juventus Boston

‘We are extremely happy with the relationships built and the foundations put in place already with the EDP.  As a club and the director of the high school aged girls’ program, we are always striving to become a more rounded and the top destination for the top talent in our catchment area.  The EDP has been fantastic and we are extremely happy to get the ball rolling and work together to operate in a truly professional manner.” 

— Alex Harrison, Girls Director of Coaching, AC Connecticut

“I realize I am still young, but I get nostalgic when I think back to my Fishtown Hotspurs days. We were a super competitive team under coaches Bobby Mulvenna and Joey Reteneller, but we were also a small team out of a small club who played out of a playground in the inner city. Most of our teammates lived within a ten-mile radius of that playground. We had a ton of early success, but our coaches realized some of that was fool’s gold, and that we needed to expand our competition pool. 

Therefore, the EDP league was a logical next step. It offered tons of competitive matches for us against teams from a wider range of places. One such team was Coach Abbey’s Pittsgrove team which was a rural version of us!! Our home field at Shissler Recreation Center (Newt’s to us locals) was cut in half by a baseball field, so one particularly vivid memory of mine was the first time my teammates and I laid eyes on Tuckahoe Turf Farm. We had never seen so much lush green connected to itself; it was astonishing. Playing for Fishtown was an amazing experience for me, and a key aspect to my development and I will always cherish it.”

— Quinn Sullivan, former Fishtown AC player, current Philadelphia Union player

“It was a very competitive game. The New England Surf girls equalized with a fantastic strike from Chloe Leng to make it 1-1. Both teams had spells in the game to earn a winner, but a draw on the day was a fair result. It shows the competitive nature of the league being built in New England, which will continue to establish itself with games like this today.” 

— Andy Prosser, Director, New England Surf

“It was a very competitive game. The New England Surf girls equalized with a fantastic strike from Chloe Leng to make it 1-1. Both teams had spells in the game to earn a winner, but a draw on the day was a fair result. It shows the competitive nature of the league being built in New England, which will continue to establish itself with games like this today.” 

— Andy Prosser, Director, New England Surf

 “It was a fantastically contested game against local rivals, and it was nice to have short travel for such a great competitive game.  Hopefully we can continue to have more competitive games over the rest of the season. We were proud of our boys as it was typical Florida weather with rain coming down hard making it an even better contest. We look forward to our next meeting with them.”

— Mickey Briscoe, Director of Coaching, Hunter’s Creek SC

“I will always bring my teams to one of the best competitions and organized tournaments in the country. Hats off to the staff again for pulling it off in this difficult time.”

— Rich Ludwig, Head Coach, Nationals (MI)

“This was a great event for us to attend. It was an opportunity for us to have our younger teams play against the best teams in the region, and also a chance for us to be able to see many of the top players in the age group at one great venue.”

— Paul Nash, Head Coach, Philadelphia Union Academy

“We were delighted to be part of the EDP Fall Cup 2020. The ability to compete against top teams in the region at a first-class facility is second to none. The professionalism shown by the tournament with up-to-date communication in regards to the weather and COVID protocols made the experience that more memorable.”

— Leon Brown, Director, New Jersey Surf

“We are impressed by EDP’s initiative, and the support of the member clubs, to not publish the results at the younger ages.  This simple measure has been effective in the promotion of the developmental first mindset across the league while still providing our players and teams with the valuable competitive outlet on game days.”

— Kieran Patrick, Director of Coaching, Cedar Stars Academy Newark

"We are having a terrific experience in this year's Premier I Division of USYS Mid Atlantic Conference, managed by EDP Soccer. Games have been highly competitive while at the same time limiting travel distance during these uncertain times. These are the most important factors for us in deciding a league and USYS and EDP met those needs perfectly. Our match against Lower Merion was another great game, and we are proud to have come out on top against an extremely tough and quality opponent."

— Greg Ramos, Head Coach, LVU ‘08

“Although COVID-19 has played a major role in our lives in 2020, often hampering the participation in or execution of scheduled events, the EDP Fall Classic was efficiently and smoothly led. Thanks to the previously determined safety protocols and adherence of all teams to these measures, and outstanding referees, the tournament was organized and ran flawlessly. Thank you to everyone involved and I look forward to upcoming tournaments!”

— Chris Williams, DOC, Upper Dublin/Penn Alliance & Owner, YTP Sports

“I have had the pleasure of coaching teams within the EDP system for almost a decade now.  The consistency in quality and competition EDP is able to provide is unmatched; but more importantly EDP is closely aligned with the values that are most important to me as a coach. EDP is the ideal platform for our club and players because the principles of trust, fair play, and respect are at the forefront of the operation.”

— Meghan Frey, Girls Academy Director, Long Island SC

“Great weekend as our teams played solid competition in great facilities as we all focus on finding a way to keep our players both active and sharp. During these challenging times we are always thankful to the diligence and effort put forth by EDP to create a safe and competitive environment.”

— Roberto Aguas, Executive Director of Coaching, FC Copa Academy 

“It was great to be back in a showcase environment with our teams. The event was very well organized, and it was great to have such a high-level showcase without having to travel out of state. Having a chance for our team to play in front of college coaches, and also have the games recorded for college coach who were not able to attend is great exposure for our player as they look to play at the next level.”

— Becki Tweed, Zone 2 Girls Director, STA

“The EDP Fall Showcase was a tremendous event for our boys as they got together for the first time following the high school season. The competition was excellent, and our boys had an opportunity to play in front of a number of college coaches. EDP did a great job of ensuring a safe environment for our players to compete in.”

— Jim Mastriani, Manager, Peninsula SC Premier Eagles

“EDP’s organization and attention to detail is excellent. They have created a competitive environment on all level, in regard to league play and tournaments. It is the best in the area and PDA is proud to be a part of it. During these unforeseen times, they have kept player and spectator safety their number one priority with strict protocols and guidelines.”

— Brian Grazier, Technical Director, PDA Hibernian

“The structure and competition platform that EDP provides is great for developing players. EDP is one of the best leagues in the country. The competition of EDP in league matches and tournaments all fosters development.  It is up to the coaches to use the platform and competitions properly and actually develop quality players along the way, not just try to win at all costs.  EDP has provided me and my organization the ability to develop some of the best young players in the country.  Achilles FC already has quite a few that will go on to play at top tier academies all over the world. A big thank you to EDP for providing this platform for our players to compete against other top talent across the country and continue to provide opportunities for clubs to foster development of all players.”

— Sal Caccavale, Founder and CEO, Achillies FC

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