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League - Game Day Handbook


  • Confirm Referees with assignor

    • If Referees do not show at field, contact assignor

  • Policy for no show referees

    • Play with a designated ref or parent.

    • Both teams must approve the individual used for refereeing.

    • If teams decide to play the game as a friendly, both teams must send notification to the league prior to kickoff.  

    • The default position of the league is if the game is played the result stands.

    • f the game is not played it will be rescheduled and the home team will travel to the opposing team.

      • Please make sure you are keeping the referees in mind when changing games, as they are assigned in advanced, and even a small change can lead to referee issues

      • A one referee system will suffice for U11-U12 games, though a three referee system may be assigned when available. A three-referee system is preferred for all U13-U19 games. 

Grace Periods

  • Referees - 30 minutes

  • Home Team - 15 minutes

  • Away Team - 30 minutes

​Pre-Match - Communication

  • Confirm game date and time with opponent.

  • Confirm venue with opponent

  • Confirm uniform colors with opponent

    • Home teams changes if conflict​

  • Confirm Referee Fees​​


  • Update Game Card

  • Print Game Card

  • Bring Game Card, Roster and Passes to match

  • Present Game Card and Rosters to Referees before match

  • Home teams changes if Uniform conflict​

  • Use provided EDP On Call Number if issue on field. If no referee, please contact assignor and not the EDP on call number.

  • Provide Referee with payment for match

    • Only referees that are present can be paid their share of the fee​

      • If one of the referees in the crew is not present, payment for that referee is not made​

Post Match

  • Enter Score

    • Use QR Code found on Game Card​ or from the public schedule page, click scoring input, use pin, enter game number and submit game details

Small Sided Additional Rules

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