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Staying Active in the Recruiting Process

Some experts at EDP Soccer who are former college coaches have put together a list of how to stay active in the recruiting process.

Research Colleges
  • Location of school

  • Size of school

    • ​How big of a school do you want to go to? 

    • Size of campus

    • Number of students

    • Do you want large classes or small classes?

  • Desired Major

    • ​Does the school have the field or study that you want to enter post-graduation. Soccer is a four year choice. Your career is the rest of your life. 

  •  Roster composition of the team

    • ​How many players are on the team roster. 

    • Where do most of the players on the team come from.

    • How many players are Domestic vs International. 

    • How many domestic players typically play in general, start, and your position?

  • Coaches backgrounds

    • ​Have most head coaches in the athletic department been with the college for a long time. 

    • What is the turnover rate with coaches?

Update Your Resume
  • Update your GPA from most recent semesters

  • Up to date test scores from any recent SAT or ACT testing.

  • Include most recent accolades both athletically and academically.

  • Include links to updated highlight film.

Update Your Highlight Film
  • Use footage from recent events.

  • Try and remove any grainy footage to include clear footage.

  • Make sure you are visible in the video by being spotlight with a circle or an arrow.

Find Full Game Footage
  • Some schools will like to see full game footage after a highlight video or instead of a highlight video. Make sure to have a high quality video that is clear, not shaky, and easy for the coach to follow the game.

Stay in Contact with Coaches
  • Email the coaches with updates to your schedules.

  • During the season, if a program you have been in contact with has a good result let the coaching staff know you watched the game or saw the result.

Look for College Camps and ID Clinics that have Colleges Attending you are Interested in
  • Before choosing what camps and clinics to attend, look at what colleges will be in attendance. 

  • Look for camps and clinics at a college you are interested in, as it's a great way to get familiar with the campus and the coaching staff.

Send Academic Information into NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Create a certification account or profile page
  • Valid Student Email

  • Payment

  • Students Sports participation history

  • Basic Student information

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