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EDP Soccer Rules
of the Game

2022 EDP Soccer Rules of Play

1. Each team’s players, coaches and supporters shall take one side of the field, with the opposing groups on opposite sides of the field. Normally, there will be signage to indicate the designated side for the home and away teams. Coaches and substitute players must stay within the technical area on their side, unless a substitute needs to warm up to get ready to go in the game.

2. Spectators are to remain behind the designated line. No spectators will be allowed behind either goal line.

3. Player picture identification passes may be required to be checked by the referee prior to each match.

4. All participants will adhere to the EDP Respect & Etiquette Policy. 

Law 3  |  The Players

• The Game Roster will be limited to 18 players

• Unlimited substitutions are permitted by either team at any stoppage of play restart at the referee’s discretion. (for example, throw-ins, goal kicks, kickoffs, corner kicks, after stoppage for an injury, direct free kicks, indirect free kicks, dropped ball, etc.). Free substitution is allowed for all age groups unless tournament format has specific modifications.

• Substitutes ready to enter the game should up & ready at the halfway line

• Players to be substituted should exit the field at the halfway line at their team side touchline, unless otherwise directed by the referee.

Law 4  |  The Player's Equipment

• All soccer equipment must adhere to IFAB standards.

• A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).

• Game Referee shall inspect all casts, braces, headgear or any other special needs and their protective coverings where applicable and determine whether a player's participation presents an unreasonable risk to the player and/or others. Such determination is specific to the game for which the inspection is being conducted and is independent of inspection and participation in other games at the tournament. It is strongly suggested that players with any of the aforementioned (or other) additional special needs check in at tournament HQ for review by the on-site referee supervisor

• Players’ shirts should have numbers which should coincide with numbers listed on the team roster.

• All teams should have two sets of shirts in contrasting colors. All players should wear matching color team shorts and team socks; one set of each will be acceptable for the team.

• In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The home team is the team listed first on the schedule, if not clearly designated as “home”.

All games shall be played under the Laws of the Game per IFAB, except as modified as follows:
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