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Game Day Experience

The Game Day Experience should focus on creating an enjoyable and stimulating place to play. Playing soccer should be a positive experience that provides opportunities for young athletes to develop as players as well as nurturing them to become confident and compassionate individuals. EDP Soccer endeavors to place the needs of the players first. Instilling good sportsmanship towards other players and referees starts with respecting them.

At EDP Soccer, we believe that expectations about the outcomes from participation in youth sports should consist simply of:

Players, coaches, and parents should always be polite towards referees and refrain from any disrespectful conduct.
  1. Support players; applaud and encourage them at all times.

  2. Maintain a respectful distance from the field of play.

  3. Refrain from any conduct that will be detrimental to the player, team, club or league.

  4. Always be polite and humble regardless of calls from officials.

  5. Allow club officials (coaches, managers, etc.) to act as the leaders.

  6. Coaches MUST always speak to officials in a polite and non-aggressive manner.

  7. Be mindful of players’ emotions and damage caused to young players by overly aggressive sideline behavior.

Players, coaches, and parents should always be respectful toward the opposing team and show good sportsmanship. Not running up the score is an important way to show respect towards opposing players.

As a reminder: Scores are not kept at the 9U and 10U age groups to promote focus on player development.

Suggestions to Avoid Running up the Score:
  1. Move players to different positions.

  2. Keep midfielders at the midline and defenders in their own end of the field. Allow only the forwards to go into the opponents’ end.

  3. Have players shoot on goal with their opposite foot only.

  4. Advise players that they can only shoot on goal from outside the penalty area.

  5. Tell players that in the opponent’s end of the field they must pass the ball three times before they can shoot to score.

EDP Soccer appreciates the support of all the teams' players, parents, and coaches in creating a positive Game Day Experience!

Thank you, EDP League



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