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EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys Best XI

EDP Soccer has announced the Best XI for each age group from last weekend’s EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys event. The selections were made based on the performances of the players during the tournament. Congratulations to all players who were selected. The Best XI from the EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys are:

EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys Best XI 18U/19U

STA-MUSC 2003B ECNL - Jack Kelesoglu #8 Jack scored the game winner against NJ Stallions in the team’s 2-1 victory. He organized and controlled the STA backline, while also starting attacks from deep when playing through the attacking thirds. STA-MUSC 2003B ECNL - Ryan Donovan #7 Ryan provided great leadership and helped contribute to the team's success. His work rate on both the attack and the defense helped STA finish 1st in the group. Ryan also had two assists and was vital in the team's success. NJ STALLIONS ACADEMY 02 BAYERN USYS-NL - Amer Lukovic #14 Amer was a constant threat for the Stallions attack all weekend, and scored goals in all three of the teams games. MANHATTAN SC FURY ECNL - Arjun Pal #15 Arjun played both attacking and central midfield roles for Manhattan SC Fury on the weekend. His solid play and ability to score goals on set pieces was crucial for the team's success. SJEB RUSH 03B ACADEMY NL EDP - Shane Clancy #4 Shane was excellent throughout the weekend. He defended strongly against great competition all weekend. Shane was one of the most consistent players for his team. FC COPA ACADEMY B02/03 BLACK - Josh Noble #3 As a true holding center midfielder, Josh Noble consistently dictated the games during the showcase. His vision, superb technical skills and tactical awareness are the tools that demonstrated his ability to be the engine of the team. STA-MUSC 2002B NL EDP - Joey Linder #16 Joey put on a great showing at center back, and was a steady presence with his defending and technical ability. RUSA FC B03 GOLD - Cody Scully #10 Cody is a box to box midfielder and was the teams engine in midfield. Cody was dominant on both sides of the ball as the team finished with three wins. PENINSULA SC PREMIER EAGLES USYS NL - Brett Sieg #10 Brett was fantastic leading the team all weekend from midfield. He was a constant attacking threat with his creativity, while working hard defensively to break up attacks. He scored three goals and added one assist during the weekend, and capped it off with a great goal in the teams last game, lobbing the keeper from just over midfield. HOLMDEL FC NJX NAPOLI - Shane Borenius #9 Shane was relentless offensively and defensively in all 3 games. He scored goals and had 2 assists. His defensive work created scoring opportunities and energized the team throughout the event. CEDAR STARS BERGEN 02B ACADEMY II ELITE - Charlton Alonso #62 Goalkeeper Charlton Alonso was fantastic in distribution throughout the weekend, and only let up 1 goal in 3 games. He had a number of jaw dropping saves throughout the 3 games, including a crucial PK save late in their final group game to preserve the victory.

EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys Best XI 17U

STA-MUSC 2004 BOYS ECNL - Zaiden James #16 Zaiden had three assists from his right back position, and was fantastic attacking from the right flank and was solid defensively. STA-MUSC 2004 BOYS ECNL - Charles Giordano #21 Charles was the team's leading scorer on the weekend, scoring four goals in the teams three wins. FC SOMERS ARSENAL - Daniel D'ippolitto #13 Daniel scored 1 goal and added 3 assists. He showed a great display of playmaking abilities across all games. FC SOMERS ARSENAL - Bennett Leitner #18 Bennet scored 4 goals and had 2 assists. His constant movement and power and pace were a constant threat for opposition sides. MANHATTAN SC THUNDER ECNL - Nico Olbrys #39 The explosive Manhattan SC striker was the team's leading scorer on the weekend on the way to a 3-0 record. Nico caused havoc all tournament with his 1v1 ability on his way to a four goal performance, including all three game winning goals. MANHATTAN SC THUNDER ECNL - Ethan Reich #8 Ethan played a solid and controlling defensive midfield role that helped lead Manhattan SC Thunder ECNL to three wins on the weekend. Ethan's tactical awareness enabled Manhattan SC to shut down opponents in transition. Ethan's ball winning ability and distribution enable Manhattan SC to be successful on counter attacks, which eventually led to goals scored. PRINCETON FC BENFICA - Christian Poehlein #7 Christian helped lead the team to 3 wins at the tournament, with no goals conceded. He's the driver of the team and motivates his teammates to play to the best of their abilities. Christian scored 2 goals and had 3 assists playing as a striker, left winger and right winger. STA-MUSC 2004 BOYS NL EDP - Sean Hendrie #19 Sean pulled the strings for the team all weekend from an attacking midfield position, his ability to beat players 1v1 with quick footwork or a feint as well as his passing ability to help keep possession and find through balls was evident all weekend registering 4 goals and 2 assists in 3 games. CEDAR STARS MONMOUTH 2004B ELITE ACADEMY - John Troiano #29 John scored 5 goals and had 1 assist over the weekend. His ability to score in all different ways and from any distance kept defenses on their heels throughout the tournament. FC COPA ACADEMY B04 BLACK - Chigbo Mbaekwe Jr #27 Chigbo (CJ) was dominant throughout all three games scoring 4 and assisting 2. Playing as the number 9 he was a constant goal threat for the team as they finished the event undefeated. STA MT OLIVE SC 2004 EDP - Kevin Martinez #23 Kevin was dominant from his left winger position using his ability to cut in to score goals and link up with teammates. Kevin scored 7 goals and had two assists. His work defensively also helped the team keep three clean sheets.

EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys Best XI 16U

MANHATTAN SC FREEDOM ECNL - Samuel Dolan #26 Sam played a pivotal part at center back in helping the team only concede 1 goal in 3 games. His ability to read the game and make tackles in crucial moments helped the team to be best goals against average of the tournament. MANHATTAN SC FREEDOM ECNL - William Lulka #22 Will, typically a center forward, had to play center back in 2 of the 3 games because of injuries to key players. Will still managed to get 2 goals and 1 assist. Because of Will’s versatility as a player, he was able to contribute both on offense and defense helping the team keep 2 clean sheets. REAL JERSEY FC 2005 - Anthony Perdomo #11 Anthony was the focal point for the opposition in each of the matches. Being man marked, Anthony had 1 goal and added 3 assists from the run of play while also being taken down for a penalty. His hold up play and 1v1 attacking were impressive all weekend. STA-MUSC 2005B ECNL - Giovanni Zizza #31 Giovanni was the teams most consistent player, making excellent tackles and creating dangerous chances with his fantastic deliveries from crosses. IRONBOUND SC 2005 SUPER EAGLES - Michael Reis #11 Michael was excellent as an attacking minded full-back who won lots of aerial balls and contested 50/50’s. He had great vision with his crosses and services into the area. He displayed an excellent piece of magic with a bicycle kick goal that has been going viral on social media. See video of his goal. TORPEDOES SC 2005B RED - Jayden Onal #24 Due to an injury to the team's captain and regular center back, Jayden had to fill in a position he has not had much previous experience in playing. Up against some of the top teams in the area, Jayden was instrumental in Torpedoes 05B Red keeping clean sheets in 2 of the 3 games this past weekend. With some towering headers, well-timed challenges and composure on the ball, you would have believed this is a position Jayden had played for years. SJEB RUSH 05B ACADEMY - Brandon Michael #3 Brandon scored 4 of the 7 goals for the team with one being the game tying goal to keep the team undefeated. PSA NATIONAL '05 - Marlon Montoya #11 Marlon led the line for PSA this weekend to perfection, managing to to score an impressive 6 goals across three high-level games. Marlon displayed constant incredible work ethic in and out of possession, intelligence to link up with team-mates and an ability to score all different types of goals in what was a stand out weekend from the striker. UNION COUNTY FC / WSA UCFC PUMAS - Cooper DelGandio #4 Cooper played every single minute of the tournament and was the team captain. He showed a lot of leadership organizing the team on playing the ball from the back and maintaining possession of the ball in every game. His solid work on defense helped the team to be unbeaten. STA MT OLIVE SC 2005B NL - Alexander Brandon #7 Alexander scored 3 goals and had 2 assists. The center midfielder helped create a number of chances and worked very hard defensively. NJ STALLIONS ACADEMY 05 GINGA USYS-EDP - Ali Celik #5 Ali was a key player for NJ Stallions leading the team with 2 assists, and 1 goal helping the team finish the tournament in first place. His performance and leadership made him stand out all tournament.

EDP Cup Fall Showcase Boys Best XI 15U

IRONBOUND SC 2006 RED INTER - Andy Mayorga #14 Andy finished the weekend with 5 goals in 3 matches. After being out for six weeks with a fractured hip, Andy got right back into his scoring nature this weekend. He kept defenders on their toes all weekend. IRONBOUND SC 2006 RED INTER - Christopher Castro #23 Christopher created chances for his teammates all weekend working up and down the flanks. His tremendous individual technical ability allowed him to score 2 goals. Christopher usually prefers setting up his teammates but when the chance comes, he makes it count. STA-MUSC 2006 BOYS ECNL - Ricky Sanchez #31 Ricky was one of the most consistent performers playing on one of the top teams in the tournament, leading the front line very well. He led the team with two goals and one assist. STA-MUSC 2006 BOYS ECNL - Gabe DaSilve #18 Gabe is a leader for the STA team and is a huge part of their success. His work rate and organization of the backline are some of the best in the region. Gabe played almost every minute in the Showcase and was a big part of the team's success. MANHATTAN SC WOLVES ECNL - Eduardo Artacho #59 Eduardo was able to score 2 goals and give one assist in 3 games during the tournament. Eduardo is a dynamic attacking player who can create and cause problems for any defense. After being out for over a year due to injury, he immediately returned to form. REAL JERSEY FC 2006 - Charlie Strigel #4 Charlie is a box to box CM for the Real Jersey 06 boys. He puts in a great effort and was fantastic on the defensive side of the ball. On the attack, he set the pace for the team with his ability to make any pass or by putting the defense on their heels with his dribbling skills. PSA NATIONAL '06 - Sebastian Canaverde #2 Playing in a holding midfield role in all 3 games, Sebastian was the catalyst for the way the team defended this weekend. Whilst the team scored 9 goals in 3 games, the more impressive stat was conceding 0, and Seb was a huge part of this. His work rate, attitude to winning the ball back for his team and his distribution once possession was regained were second to none. An outstandingly consistent performance. TORPEDOES SC 2006 EDP - Andrew Blodgett #1 Andrew had a tremendous weekend in goal, with only 1 goal conceded in 3 games to help the team to 3 wins out of 3. Andrew’s shot stopping ability was on full display to go along with great distribution. PRINCETON FC BARCELONA - Nate Offenberg #16 Nate played up with Princeton FC Barcelona as the current team goalkeeper was unable to play due to Interstate COVID restrictions. The side reeled off 3 wins during the Showcase keeping 2 clean sheets and only allowing one goal during the entire tournament. RUSA FC B06 GOLD - Brendan McGroarty #9 Brendan scored 3 goals and had 1 assist. He consistently challenged back lines and was brave in the final third. He worked relentlessly to defend and get the ball back. LIVERPOOL FCNJ 2006B SOUTH - Matthew Will #11 Matthew was a driving force this weekend expressing himself individually scoring or assisting in every game. Matthew based his game off of the same style as Sadio Mane.

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