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Payments and Credits Policy

EDP Tournament Payment & Credits Policies

Tournament Insurance

Team Event Cancellation Insurance - Available Through US Sports Club Insurance:

Teams/clubs participating in EDP Soccer competitions can purchase event cancellation insurance for EDP Soccer Tournaments directly through US Sports Club Insurance.

Teams/clubs that purchase team event cancellation insurance are guaranteed a refund of their registration fee for any portion of the event cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. This includes a 100% refund of their registration fee for a complete event cancellation.


The cost of this insurance is 10% of the tournament registration fee for each team. All refunds will be issued directly by US Sports Club Insurance.


The insurance can be purchased after the tournament registration fee has been paid, and must be purchased at least 14+ days prior to the event. Please use this link: 

Tournament Policy Reminder - EDP Soccer Tournaments

For teams/clubs that choose NOT to purchase event cancellation insurance through US Sports Club Insurance, EDP Soccer will continue to offer a partial credit policy.


For tournaments that are completely cancelled, teams will receive a credit to a future tournament of up to 90% of the paid registration fee (after all fixed costs for the cancelled tournament have been calculated). 


For tournaments that are partially cancelled (a minimum of one game lost), teams will receive a partial credit from EDP Soccer towards a future tournament (after all fixed costs for the partially canceled tournament have been calculated).


Note: All credits must be used within 6 months of the date of issue.

Tournament Payments

  • Generally, PAYMENT INFORMATION is required to be provided via a TOURNAMENT APPLICATION at the time that a team applies to an event.

    • Payment information needs to be entered for Credit Card processing.

    • Applications using a Credit Card will be NOT be assessed an additional processing fee to cover the credit card transaction fees.

    • Special arrangements are available for large club accounts with multiple applications. Please call the Admin Office at 732-432-7200 and ask for Accounting.

  • Payments are not automatically processed when an application is submitted. Payment processing is a manual process conducted by Accounting after receiving an application.

  • The online application has text boxes for providing information about any outstanding credits the team seeks to use, and about any special promos or discounts that apply to the application.

  • Any entries into these text boxes on page two will be reviewed, verified and applied when the payment is processed.

  • Payment or payment processing information is due at the time of application. Should payment have to be re-processed, the application is subject to a processing fee up to $25.

Tournament Acceptance and Communications

  • The Team Contact email address provided for the Primary Contact in the GotSport Team Account that is used to apply to an event will receive all automatic, system-generated communications.

    • Upon completion and submission of an application, the Primary Contact will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation acknowledges that the application has been received, and the team will appear in the listing of Applied Teams. It does not indicate that the team has been accepted or that payment has been processed.

    • At the time that a team has paid and is formally accepted, an additional Acceptance email should be received by the Primary Contact advising that the team has been accepted.

  • It is important that the CONTACT INFORMATION provided for the Team Officials listed in the GotSport Team Account (Head Coach, Manager & Primary Contact) is accurate and updated as needed.

  • If you do not receive a confirmation upon completing the application, there may be a problem with the email being used. For example, the communication may have been directed to a spam folder. In either case the team is responsible to monitor their emails and act accordingly.

    • Please exercise caution when providing a business email address in your Team Account. Frequently such addresses have stronger firewalls and spam filters that often result in missed messages. Again, it is your responsibility to monitor for emails.

    • Team Accounts should take advantage of the multiple slots to provide an email address to supply different addresses using a variety of email services. Teams should not rely on providing the same email address in all requested locations in their Team Account because a delivery failure will prevent any message from being received by the team.

Tournament Credits


  • TOURNAMENT CREDITS can be issued to teams for a variety of reasons, such as a partial or total cancellation of an event, an unplayed game at a tournament, other issues at an event, etc.

  • Tournament credits can be applied to outdoor tournaments conducted by EDP Soccer.

  • Unless otherwise noted, credits can be used for six months after the date that they were issued.

  • A listing of EDP Soccer tournaments for which credits can be utilized is posted at There are usually about two dozen or more events where a tournament credit can be utilized.

  • An outdoor Tournament Credit cannot be applied toward league fees, indoor events or other fees. Separate administrative systems limit such applications.

  • An indoor tournament credit can be used to pay for an indoor event only and may not be used for a league fee or outdoor tournament.

  • A team has 30 days after the notification of a credit to submit a request for change to the review committee for consideration.


  • When applying to an event, teams must note that they want to utilize an open credit toward a given event in the Tournament Application. Generally, there is a text box on the application where teams are prompted to enter information about any credit they want applied against the fees for that event.

  • Please note that discounts can not be combined or used with other promotional offers.

  • No specific language is required to request that a credit be applied. Sufficient information must be provided to properly identify the credit for it to be applied.

    • EDP Soccer will check your request for use of credit against our files.

    • A credit request should include the name and year of the event for which the credit was issued, and the amount of the credit that was issued.

    • Teams should advise if their team name or club affiliation has changed since the credit was issued and has the responsibility to demonstrate that the credit applies to the new team.

    • Applications must be completed before any posted deadlines.

    • Certain events use “rolling acceptance” and may reach maximum facility capacity prior to a posted deadline. Teams applying to an event that has reached capacity may be placed on a waiting list.

    • EDP Soccer conducts several highly competitive events restricted to teams at an elite level. The Acceptance Committee reserves the right to make selections based upon the team’s ability.

  • Requests to utilize an open credit must be in writing.

    • Please submit a Credit Utilization Request on the online application when it is first submitted.​​​​​​​

    • Once payment is processed for an online application, further credit utilization requests will no longer be accepted for that event. Unused credits can still be utilized in subsequent applications.

  • The EDP Soccer Admin Dept. verifies a Credit Utilization Request in an application against the EDP masterfile. If there is a problem, we will contact you. ​​​​​​​

    • Payment and credit processing is a manual process; it is not an automatic process that occurs when an application is filed.

Tournament Withdrawals, Late Applications and Cancellations

  • Applications:

    • Late Application: A team registering for an EDP Tournament after the entry deadline may be charged an additional $50 processing fee, provided there is a capacity to accept the team.

  • Withdrawals:

    • Withdrawals made before the entry deadline for an EDP Tournament and after the team is accepted, will be issued a 100% credit less the $100 administrative fee.

    • Any withdrawal after the entry deadline for a tournament will be considered to be a Late Withdrawal. If a fully paid replacement team is found, EDP will issue a 100% credit less the $100 administrative. EDP Soccer assumes no duty or responsibility to find a replacement entry for a Late Withdrawal.

  • Tournament Cancellation:

    • If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather, unplayable fields, or similar circumstance prior to any games being played, EDP Soccer will provide teams with the option of receiving a partial credit or a partial refund based on the specific circumstances. If the team elects to receive a refund, you must notify EDP within one week of the notice. If you do not notify EDP within a week, you will be processed as a credit.

    • If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather, unplayable fields, or similar circumstance after any games played, the EDP Soccer Tournament Committee will communicate any credit or refund options in a timely manner (typically within five days) of the event once all unmitigable expenses incurred and games completed have been assessed.

    • ​​​If all or part of a tournament is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure or government action, EDP Soccer will use its best efforts to provide teams with an appropriate credit once expenses already incurred have been evaluated.

Tournament Refund Policy and Guarantees

EDP Soccer Tournaments, Showcases and Events

Once a team is accepted for a tournament, showcase or other event, the stated policy is that no refunds of entry fees will be made to teams withdrawing following such acceptance. This policy appears in the Application Information accessed online from each event’s Homepage.

Should a team not be scheduled to play in a tournament, showcase or other event, full refund of any payments processed will be made within ten days following the event date. (Reasons for not being placed on a schedule may include, as examples, an age group bracket not being formed due to insufficient registrations at that level, or a team being placed on a waiting list.)

Should an event be cancelled, fully or partially, due to uncontrollable factors or “Acts of God” (such as extreme weather or unplayable fields) after the schedule is released, a partial refund or credit may be provided by the Tournament Committee for such event. The decision of the Tournament Committee in such instances is final. Notice of such decision will be provided teams within six days after the tournament date, through the communication channels established by the online registration.

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