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Check-In Policy

Online check-in is mandatory for all teams as there will be no onsite check-in.

EDP Soccer uses online team check-in at all competitions. Participating teams must upload an electronic copy of their event roster, player and coach cards, and a signed EDP Registration Affirmation into GotSport. EDP Soccer staff then reviews and verifies these documents before the event begins.

All teams are required to complete the Online Team Check-In prior to each EDP Soccer tournament or showcase. Once your team is accepted, it should be a top priority for all players, coaches, and tournament organizers. Proper check-in allows all parties to be fully registered, insured, and eligible to participate in competitive play.

Check-in procedures and deadlines are communicated multiple times to teams prior to each event and posted on various web pages and documents. EDP Soccer has a firm stance regarding a team’s failure to check in prior to an event.

Failure for a team to check in prior to an event will result in:

a. Zero points being awarded for any ties or wins for any teams that play while they are not checked in. Example: If the team that did not check in wins a game 2-0, they will receive zero points in the tournament standings.

b. If check in occurs after the team plays a game, all future games will be eligible to earn points towards standings. Past games will remain ineligible to receive points towards standings.

Failure to check in by the end of Day One will result in the following steps:

a. All previously played games will be recorded as a forfeit (2-0 loss).

b. If the team does not check in prior to the start of play on Day Two, all future games will be recorded as a forfeit (2-0 loss). Pattern repeats for day 3, day 4, etc.

c. The team and club will be reported to their state association and/or governing body.

d. The team will be ineligible to participate in an EDP Soccer event for 12 months.

If you are having problems with the Online Team Check-In procedure, please contact the EDP Tournament Group in a timely manner. EDP Soccer’s goal is for all accepted teams to attend and all scheduled games to be played. Our staff will assist in any way possible. If any issues or roadblocks occur, your team must inform EDP Soccer. The first place to start is sending a detailed email to describing your circumstances so we can assess your situation.

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