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Choosing the
Right College 

There are over 7000 colleges in the United States. How do you start the process of finding which college is right for you? There are many factors to consider.

 5 Major Factors to Consider:

(Log in to your SportsRecruits account and use the college finder to narrow your search using some of the parameters below.)

1. Academics

  1. College Standards? Grade Point Average?  SATs/ACTs?

  2. What Majors and types of degrees does the college offer?

  3. Academic difficulty?

  4. Prestige and Type of College? Liberal Arts/

  5. Job Placement and Alumni Support?


2. Finances

  1. Cost of College?  In state? Out of state? Tuition/fees? Room/Board? Books?

  2. Academic Scholarships?

  3. Athletic Scholarships?

  4. Other Scholarships and funding opportunities?


3. Location

  1. Distance?

  2. Suburban or City?

  3. Campus environment?

  4. Weather and temperature?

  5. Travel Costs to and from home?

  6. Local airports and or public transportation?

  7. Family and Friends in the area?

  8. Distance to Church, Temple, etc.?


4. Soccer

  1. How important compared to academics?  Personal Goals and Expectations?

  2. Level of Program? What impact is most important to you – Starter, etc.?

  3. Style of Play?  Positions Needed? Formation?

  4. NCAA (DI, DII, DIII) – NAIA – NJCAA? Conference?

  5. Scholarships Available?

  6. Roster size?  International? 

  7. Coaching Staff? Full-time/Part-time? Coaching Style?

  8. Team Travel? Distance to Games? International Trips?


5. Size & Type

  1. Number of Students? Undergraduate/Graduate?  On-campus/off-campus?

  2. Class Size?

  3. Faculty to Student ratio?

  4. Male to Female Ratio?

  5. Diversity?  Races, Ethnic, Cultures, Economic, etc.?

  6. Religious Affiliation?

  7. Sororities/Fraternities?

  8. Football/Basketball?

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