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League - Game Change Policy

Game Change Policies, Procedures, and Processes

2024 Lock Dates

USYS Mid Atlantic Conference, South Atlantic Conference, EDP League, and EDP Futures / CMSSL - Lock Date: March 22, 2024

USYS North Atlantic Conference - Lock Date: February 24, 2024

EDP Florida Competitive Leagues - Lock Date: January 31, 2024 (All requests must now be made through GotSport.)


Teams should communicate in the GotSport chat to reschedule games. Once a new date/time has been agreed, teams should follow the instructions below to update their schedules.


  • The Away team will see a pending request in their list of matches.

  • The Away team will have the option to AGREE or REFUSE.

  • If agreed, an EDP representative will approve or deny. If approved, the schedule will be updated.



*Teams should agree to details in the chat before officially requesting a change. 99% should then be approved.

* Away team must respond within 72 hours. Any pending requests will be denied after that time.



Game Change Rules


  • Changes made once the schedule is locked may result in referee fees being due and any game date being changed within 7 days of the game WILL require referee fees to be paid.

  • The league will allow changes to time & location to be made up to 72 hours before the game date, as long as the assignor is able to accommodate, and the game change is submitted on GotSport. Full referee fees may still be owed by the team requesting the change.

  • The league has given the assignors the authority to bill a club directly if that club is continuously changing game dates once the schedule is locked. That club may incur additional assigning fees to be paid directly to the assignor. 

Cancellation Policies

Please make sure you are keeping the referees in mind when changing games as they are assigned in advance, and even a small change can lead to referee issues.


  • Coaching conflicts are not an acceptable reason to cancel a game. You will need to find another carded coach in the club to cover the game. These conflicts should have been taken care of prior to the schedule lock date.

  • Player availability is not an acceptable reason to cancel a game. EDP Soccer is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned league, and teams can supplement their roster with players from other teams within their club.  We do not want to go against our mission of a good game every week, but we cannot have games being changed last minute due to conflicts from other sports, vacations, or other reasons. 

  • Conflicts with games from other leagues are not an acceptable reason to cancel a game. All EDP Soccer teams must commit to fulfilling their schedule.

  • US Youth Soccer State Cup dates are available in advance, and you should work with EDP Soccer opponents ahead of time to avoid conflicts.  We understand that you do not know if you will play again until you win the previous round, but you must be proactive in working with your opponents to let them know that you may have a State Cup game and come up with an alternate date. This needs to be done immediately following your previous game so that the home team has time to make appropriate changes. When possible, these games need to be worked around your EDP schedule. It will not be acceptable to not play a league game due to the State Cup if both games are not scheduled on the same day.

  • No game will be moved from the original date until a new date is agreed upon. We will not allow you to agree to postpone a game for later in the season without a new date confirmed.

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