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Guest Player Listings

Players interested in attending an EDP Showcase (or any tournament) but not supported by a team can post a request to guest at the event. Teams seeking to fill a need can contact players listed. Typically, we place about 6- 12 player per Showcase. Note that we do not place players with teams. We ask players who want to guest to post their contact information and we post accepted teams, and let players and teams make their own connections.

VERY IMPORTANT! All guests must have a VALID PLAYER PASS for the CURRENT seasonal year. Liability and insurance issues are involved that are non-negotiable. (The previous year's seasonal passes are only good as souvenirs; again, passes must be current.) EDP solely uses the GotSoccer Registration Software to list guest players.

Players Getting Listed as a Guest

Use the Player Account you may already have on, or create one. The Player’s critical information needs to be entered in "MY PROFILE", under "VIEW & EDIT" in the Grey Bar.


In the PLAYER tab, fill out “Player Information”. Use the NOTES text box to provide detailed information about what type of player you are, your awards and achievements, your teams and competitions, etc. The NOTES box is the primary place to differentiate yourself from other guest applications. It will accommodate well over 600 characters, so there is ample opportunity to provide important info about yourself. It is also helpful to upload a recent photo of yourself on this page.


In the COLLEGE RECRUITING tab, the “Player Information” section entries will appear on the Guest Player listings. Once your Player Account is properly set up, then:

• Log on to as a Player or as a Parent. (You can click on the button in the Guest Player section on the Showcase Homepage.)

• In the Navy bar, click on TOURNAMENTS

• Once you see Upcoming Tournaments, scroll to the MONTH and YEAR of this Showcase in the DATE RANGE and click GO.

• Scroll down to the EDP Tournament. Click on the "Apply as Guest Player" Button.

• On the next screen, click "Submit Application".

Teams Seeking Guest Players

To get information about Players looking to guest-play at the Showcase:

• Log on to through your Team Account or as a Coach or Manager. (You can click on the button in the Guest Player section on the Showcase Homepage.)

• On the HOME (Navy Bar) OVERVIEW (Grey Bar), click on the MSSL Showcase in your “Event Applications: Pending” section. • Click on the GUESTS tab. • Click on the name of the available guests for Player information and Contact information. • Contact the Player directly about your interest in their guesting with your team. • If an arrangement is made with a Player, fill out the Team Assignment section in the Yellow Block. NOTE TO TEAMS: Do consider hosting a guest. Many of the players listed are attractive recruits, and can help draw attention from college coaches to your team's games. Especially if you will have missing or injured players; short-handed teams do not show well.

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