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Game Reports | Referees

All Game Reports must be entered by the REFEREE by logging into GotSport

Referees MUST complete a full game report within 48 hours of the game. The quickest and easiest way to enter a score is to use the QR code on the game card. If this does not work for you then follow these steps.


1. Enter the Game Scoring Report

2. Enter the EVENT ID# and the EVENT PIN#, enter corresponding #’s for the event- they are listed below:

3. Find Game and Verify Score

  • Enter the game #.

4. Complete Game Report

  1. The referee must complete a full game report even if the score has already entered by one of the teams (which is likely). Once the correct score is entered click View Game Report and complete electronic Game Report. Once complete, click UPDATE Report.  

  2. Now you will be able to record all misconduct yellow & red cards. Show correct 8+8 misconduct code for each yellow & red card submitted. Follow the prompts to correctly record the misconduct and clock CLOSE when all your Game Report input is complete.

For red cards, explanation notes should be included.

Any serious injury where the player did not return to the game must be reported in the Game Report.

Red Cards, coach dismissals, serious injuries, and/or any other unusual incident/circumstance occurring during an EDP game also requires a USSF Supplemental report. This report needs to be emailed to Colin Hope at

Referees should keep their game reports for their own records. The game report is a legal document which is especially important in regard to serious injuries and insurance coverage. Maintenance of your game reports will provide you with documentation to check should there be any question later.

For all EDP league play: passes for any players who receive red cards as well as passes for any coaches dismissed for irresponsible behavior will be RETURNED to the team by the referee after the indicative information for each player/coach is recorded at the game card.

Assault – Any assault on an opponent, teammate, spectator or referee will not be tolerated. Passes shall not be returned for any player or coach who commits an assault. PASSES should be held by the referee and sent to the address below along with the game report.

Coaches or players who commit referee assault will be referred by the league to USYSA State Association for further disciplinary action.

Referees also have the authority to hold players or coaches passes for any egregious act of violent conduct, foul and abusive language, or any other very serious offense.

The written report of any player red card /SEND OFF or coach DISMISSAL shall be completed on a USSF Supplemental report, and sent within 48 HOURS (24 hours is preferred) via email to or mail to:


EDP Soccer

Disciplinary Committee
8 Cornwall Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Attention: Colin Hope

Any report that includes player or coach passes MUST be 'snail mailed' via regular mail to the address shown above.

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