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Breaking Down College Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships Available

Based on the Division of the school, there are different amounts of athletic scholarships that can be available for students. The numbers below are for schools that fully fund their programs, meaning they have the maximum number of scholarships. Not all programs are fully funded, meaning some Division 1 men’s programs may only have 6 scholarships compared to the 9.9 of the fully funded programs. 


    • ​Men: 9.9

    • Women: 14


  • Men: 9

  • Women: 9.9


    • No athletic scholarships available

  • NAIA

    • Men: 12

    • Women: 12


    • ​Men: 18

    • Women: 18

  • Programs can split these scholarships in a variety of ways. Players can be offered a full athletic scholarship that includes room and board, a tuition scholarship, or just a partial scholarship. Depending on the scholarship given, the amount of that scholarship will count against the maximum allowed for that program. For example, using the Men's Division I as an example, two players can be given 50% athletic scholarships, and those two scholarships equal up to be 1 scholarship out  of the 9.9. 



  • Academic scholarships are available across all divisions. These scholarships are generally based off of SAT or ACT scores and GPA. The amount of academic scholarship money may be stacked onto the amount of athletic scholarships given to a student athlete and may be  counted against the allotted number of scholarships for the program. If a student athlete comes into college with higher than a 3.5 GPA and maintains a 3.0 or higher GPA in college, then the academic money can be waived when calculating how much is against the coaches NCAA equivalencies allotment. Therefore,  a strong student-athlete can stretch the athletic aid dollars that coaches have at their disposal.



  • In addition to athletic and academic scholarships, there are many other scholarships available for prospective student-athletes. For example, in New Jersey, there is an Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF)scholarship available to those students that qualify. Make sure to research available scholarships in your state, as there are many different kinds available.



  • Students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and for some colleges/universities the CSS Profile,  to be eligible to receive financial aid. This includes any type of funding that will help you pay for college including grants, loans or work-study programs, and to access the NCAA Special Assistance Fund.

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