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Advice From College Coaches

Several EDP Soccer Staffers are former college coaches and experts on the recruiting process. They've teamed up with current college coaches to share their insight and advice with prospective student-athletes.
What roles do academics play in the recruiting process?

There are also core-course requirements that must be met to be eligible to participate in the NCAA. Academics plays a very large role in the process. If a prospective student-athlete does not meet the academic requirements, players will not be NCAA eligible, and may not get accepted into the college. For Division I schools, you can see the sliding scale of GPA and test scores found HERE

What characteristics make a quality college soccer player?
Self Motivated

There is only limited time that players can train with the team during the season, and the players who show up early, stay late, and are willing to work on their own are the ones who will succeed.


Players must be able to follow the directions from the coaching staff. Players need to be able to adapt to different situations to be able to overcome challenges during the season, and possibly play a position they have not played in the past.


Most players are living on their own and taking care of themselves for the first time. Players that can manage their time, eat nutritious meals, and can manage their time with the team, school work and social life can be successful in college athletics.

Strong Team Player 

All players were one of the top players from their high school and club teams. Players who are willing to play any role for the team, whether they are a starter or a reserve are valuable to the team, and coaches will notice those players who are willing to play the role they are given, especially if it is not one they are accustomed to.

Technical Ability

At this level, technically ability is extremely important, and coaches do not have time to teach it. With short seasons, teams must focus on the tactical side of the game, and while keeping the technical side sharp, time cannot be wasted on teaching the basics.

What is the best way to contact a school and stand out to receive a response?

Email the coach individually and do not use a blast email. Use the coaches name in the email greeting. Use specifics about the school in the introduction to show you have done your research. Include access to academic background and video.​ Follow the email up with a phone call. Do not just email the head coach, include the assistant coaches in the email.

Is it better to send a highlight video or a full game video?

Make sure to have both at your disposal. It is usually best to start with a highlight video, and then most likely a follow up will be a full game video.

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