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11 Questions to ask Coaches During Recruiting Visits

1. What does a typical day look like for the team during the season?
  • What time is training?

    • How does the time of training impact class schedules?

  • ​How often does the team go to the weight room during the season?

    • This can be very different depending on what NCAA Division it is part of

  • How often does the team study film during the season?

    • This can be very different depending on what NCAA Division it is part of


2. What does a typical day look like for the team during the off season?
  • Division I, II and III all have different rules and regulations for the amount of time they can train together in the Spring.

    • How often does the team train?

    • How often do they do strength and conditioning?

    • How many games do they play?

    • Who are the usual opponents?

3. Does the team train on campus or off campus?
  • Do you need to travel off campus for training?

    • Does the school provide transportation or do you need to find your own way to the training ground?

  • Is the practice field on campus and easily accessible?


4. What mode of transportation does the team take to away games?
  • Does the team take buses or vans to away games

  • How often does the team need to fly during the season?

  • With usually 8 to 10 games on the road and the hours on the road sometimes being valuable time to catch up on school work, the mode of transportation can become an important part of the season.


5. How many players are typically on your roster each year?
  • Certain programs are limited on how many players they can have, while others can have as many as they want on the roster.

  • Some schools need to hit specific numbers for admissions requirements.

  • The likelihood of a player getting on the field may go down if there is a very large roster.

  • Does the school have a JV or second team?


6. How many players travel on away trips?
  • Some schools will travel with only 18 players, while other programs will bring all players on the roster to the games.


7. What kind of academic support is available for athletes?
  • Is tutoring available?

  • Is there an academic support staff specifically for athletes?

  • Are there study hall requirements?

  • What happens if I have to miss class for a game?


8. What are the most common majors of the players?
  • Does the major you want fit in with the demands of the program.

  • Knowing that others on the team are going through the same program is a good gauge for how manageable it will be.

  • Allows you to have teammates as a resource when selecting the right courses.


9. What is the average GPA of the team?
  • How important is academics to the program.

  • A high team GPA can show how valuable academics are to the program


10. What kind of financial aid packages does the school offer?
  • Is there any need based aid?

  • What kind of academic scholarships are available?

  • Are there any special scholarships available?


11. Is there a strong alumni base?
  • For life after soccer, alumni can be helpful in finding potential jobs.

    • How connected does the program stay with their alumni?

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