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EDP Partners with US Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer Conferences managed by EDP.
Provides Direct Pathways to US Youth Soccer National League and US Youth Soccer Eastern Regional Championships

EDP, one of the country’s largest leagues with over 3,500 teams located on the east coast of the United States, has entered into a long-term agreement with US Youth Soccer to manage four US Youth Soccer Conferences in the East Region starting in 2018-19.

These conferences are:

  • US Youth Soccer New England Conference managed by EDP
  • US Youth Soccer North Atlantic EDP Conference
  • US Youth Soccer Mid Atlantic EDP Conference
  • US Youth Soccer South Atlantic EDP Conference

In addition to managing these conferences, EDP will see its league play, tournaments and college showcases sanctioned by US Youth Soccer. 

Beginning in the fall of 2018, these US Youth Soccer Conferences managed by EDP offer an expected two tiers of divisions in addition to the existing EDP programming. Both EDP and new to EDP teams will be eligible to apply for these divisions with top teams advancing directly into the US Youth Soccer National League and the Regional Championships in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series (NCS).

To learn more, see the full press release & US Youth Soccer announcement.

EDP Leadership Council

This council was created to be the voice of our clubs. Members will provide feedback and strategic guidance in order to set the trajectory of this platform from a developmental standpoint and ensure that our course remains in-line with that of our clubs.

  • Leadership Council Chairman:
    • John Ellinger, SAC 
  • Leadership Council Technical Director:
    • Simon Collins, EDP Soccer
  • Leadership Council Members:
    • Bobby Puppione, FC Virginia 
    • Jonathan Colton, Bethesda SC 
    • Dan Harmon, Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 
    • Kieran Patrick, Cedar Stars Academy Newark 
    • Cliff Simmons, SJEB Rush 
    • Lee Bakewell, TSF Academy
    • Roberto Aguas, FC Copa Academy
    • Jordi Meijer, NJ Premier FC

Pathways to National Competitions

The Path From US Youth Soccer Conferences managed by EDP

Clubs That Have Committed To The New EDP Platform

EDP clubs that have committed starting 2018/2019  to the new EDP platform. All participating clubs – in both the club v. club or team v. team formats — are listed below. More clubs to be announced.