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We will be ready when you are ready. 

As states begin to reopen, youth soccer organizations are creating return to play guidelines. EDP Soccer is sharing these resources below as they become available, as well as our own mitigation plans and best practices. 


EDP Soccer is here to support your team(s) through the Return to Play process and will be taking extra precautions to make sure you, your players, and families are safe at all of our tournaments and league events. 


Coaches and Team Managers: EDP Soccer needs your help to follow and implement best practices to ensure the safety of your teams. Please stay tuned to this page for details to help your club plan its return to play and share this important information with your parents, players, and their families. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact EDP at



EDP Return to Play Priorities: What We’re Doing to Keep Your Players and Families Safe. READ THE ARTICLE


  • Assessing and Reducing Participant Risk

    • Limit the amount of personal contact with shared equipment, gear, and public surfaces
    • Enable ability to engage in social distancing while not actively engaged in play
    • Strategically match the size of the event (number of teams and participants) to the size of facilities
    • Limiting nonessential personnel, volunteers, visitors, and spectators
    • Consider the challenges of long-distance travel outside of the local community


  • Promoting Behaviors that Reduce the Potential for Spread
    • Provide staff with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Increase cleaning, sanitizing, and the availability of wash stations
    • Limit physical contact (high fives, handshakes, etc.)
    • Encourage self-checks and staying home when appropriate
    • Request increased hygiene and respiratory etiquette
    • Require participants to wear proper face coverings when necessary
    • Maintain adequate supplies
    • Increase signs and messages to inform participants


  • Maintaining Healthy Soccer Environments
    • Using technology to “ticket” all spectators to enhance post-event tracing, if necessary
    • Increase cleaning and disinfecting
    • Reduce the possibilities of shared objects
    • Modify and enhance layouts to allow for social distancing
    • Strategically implement crowd control best practices with physical barriers and guides
    • Take extra precautions with communal public spaces


  • Maintaining Healthy Soccer Operations
    • Stagger game schedules and spacing to reduce people on site
    • Significantly space out fields and game times to avoid large crowds
    • Provide flexibility to playing rules by offering smaller rosters, number of participants, length of games, etc.
    • Provide protections for staff and players at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19
    • Make our regulatory partner aware of our operations
    • Identify small groups and keeping them together (cohorting)
    • Consider crowds, size of gatherings, numbers of spectators, and travel restrictions
    • Designate COVID-19 points of contact
    • Enhance and streamline communication systems
    • Review and improve before, during and after every event
    • Inform participant leadership (coaches) and staff via training


  • Being Prepared for Potential Infections with a Response Plan
    • Educate our audiences and staff to recognize the signs and symptoms
    • Create emergency response plans in case of reported symptoms of infection
    • In the case of infection, notify state and local health officials as well as close contacts
    • In the case of infection, notify state and local health and safety guidelines
    • Implement best practices for participant tracing



EDP Soccer supports all National and State Youth Soccer Organizations and State Soccer Associations within its regional footprint as we all begin to return to play. Our aim is to put best practice plans in place to address the health, safety and welfare needs of our soccer players and concerns from our soccer community.



EDP Soccer understands that risk of exposure to communicable diseases can’t be 100% eliminated and has compiled the following guidelines and protocols to maximize the safety of all participants, spectators, and staff. These protocols are obtained from an extensive network of sources to represent what EDP Soccer believes are the ‘Best Practices’ set forth by health, safety and government agencies. EDP primarily used guidance from the CDC and State Health Departments as well as US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, and State Soccer Associations—the national and state governing bodies for soccer.


Based on over 20 years of soccer administration and event management experience, EDP Soccer stands ready before, during and after every competition to revise these procedures with the latest information as needed to deliver the safest gameday environment possible. Our best practices and the exact methods for implementing these guidelines and recommendations will vary for every EDP Soccer tournament and league event, as well as each facility were competitions are held.



  • General Tournament Sanitizing:

    • All porta pots will be cleaned before, during and after each event
    • All porta pots will be supplied with hand sanitizer
    • Multiple Hand Sanitizing Units will be strategically placed throughout every tournament facility
    • Multiple Hand Washing Stations will be strategically placed throughout every tournament facility
    • All above structures will be wiped down by EDP Event Staff every hour throughout every event
    • All above structures will have supplies checked and re-stocked every hour throughout every event


  • EDP Tournament and League Gameday Recommendations:
    • Hand contact of any kind will be prohibited (i.e. handshakes, ‘high fives,’ etc.)
    • Soccer balls and equipment will be disinfected by referees before, during and after each game
    • No spitting will be allowed on the field, sidelines, or anywhere on the event premise
    • EDP will not be providing hydration stations or nutrition - players should bring their own hydration and not share food or beverages with others
    • Coaches should possess player passes during the game - do not exchange documents with the referee(s)
    • Field layouts and game schedules will be modified to:
      • reduce the number of people on site at any one time such that social distancing protocols (provided by the CDC and State Departments of Health) are met and exceeded
      • reduce ‘down time’ in between games for all teams and families
      • provide more ‘day trip’ options (with later first-game-of-the-day start times)
      • increase space between fields
      • deliver longer one-game-a-day options and/or back-to-back shorter games vs. different opponents


  • General Health and Safety Operational Protocols (to mitigate risk and provide a safer environment):
    • EDP Soccer will provide significant pre-event communications (emails, zoom calls etc.)
    • Significant signage will be displayed to ensure proper health and safety protocols are utilized and observed by all participants
    • All event staff will receive pre-event training on protocols and guidelines
    • EDP Soccer will employ staggered game schedules whenever possible to reduce traffic volume
    • Team sizes may be modified to reduce the number of substitutes and spectators
    • Medical staff (with proper PPE) will be on site to take body temperatures with no-touch thermal thermometers for all participants (if required by government or health professionals)
      • Wristbands, stamps or some other manner to easily ID if a person has been checked
    • EDP is considering using technology to “ticket” all spectators to enhance post-event tracing
    • EDP will have a planned response and mitigation plan in place in case of a reported infection
    • State or local police will be on site at all times during an EDP-hosted event (already standard practice)
    • Ambulance/EMTs will be on site at all times during an EDP-hosted event (already standard practice)
    • Porta pots will be placed back-to-back to reduce social distancing concerns of side-by-side lines
    • EDP Soccer will provide video/multimedia tutorials for all staff, participants and spectators prior to each event to clearly communicate expectations and protocols, increase health and safety, and reduce risk
    • Drones may be used to help quickly and effectively monitor and evaluate the entire events and facility
      • Video will be archived as an important post-event evaluation resource
    • Provide State Health Departments and Soccer Associations with full access to EDP events, and provide transparent post- event reports to assist in evaluating and assessing guidance, policies and procedures
    • All people should do a temperature self-check prior to attending an EDP event
    • Game scores will not be posted on site (the EDP website will be updated regularly)
    • There will not be an awards ceremony - Awards will be out directly to coaches or team managers in a manner meant to reduce interaction
    • No team or group pictures allowed on site
    • All people on site should consider bringing their own sanitizer and toilet paper
    • Tables and chairs in the food court area will not be provided (to eliminate an area of potential transmission)


  • EDP Tournament and League Event Staff:
    • All EDP Soccer staff will wear protective gloves throughout the event, changing them regularly
    • All EDP Soccer staff will wear protective face coverings throughout the event, changing them regularly
    • Assigned staff will be responsible for sanitizing all defined public areas (i.e. porta pot handles/doors, dining tent, golf carts, etc.)
    • All must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow
    • Anyone with symptoms must not work any event
    • All staff should launder their clothes, uniforms, or vests after each day’s activities


  • Players and Coaches:
    • There will be no team benches provided to reduce the chances of spread and need to sanitize
    • Specific areas will be marked for players around their team sideline and bench area to provide for adequate social distancing for those players who are not on the field during competition
    • Players should wear face coverings at all times apart from when warming up or during match play
    • Coaches should wear face coverings at all times
    • All should maintain “social distancing” in between games (i.e. do not congregate in groups of 5+ on the sidelines and maintain a minimum of 6 ft. apart from other groups)
    • Do not allow any team member(s) with symptoms to attend any event
    • Do not share water bottles, drinks or food
    • All must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow
    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with hands
    • Sanitize hands each time a player or coach steps off the field and in between each game
    • All should launder clothes, uniforms, and vests after all activities each day


  • Parents and Spectators:
    • Spectators and supporters will be located on the same side of field as the team they support to reduce interaction between competing teams and their supports (see example field diagrams)
    • Spectators will be separated in clearly marked areas to comply with all social distancing guidelines
    • All spectators should wear face covering at all times, mandatory when traveling through common areas between games
    • EDP Soccer strongly recommends a maximum of one (1) parent per player attend each event
    • All participants should maintain “social distancing” (i.e. do not congregate in groups of 5+ (families only) on the sidelines and must maintain a minimum of 6 ft. apart from each other)
    • Spectators must follow clearly marked directional signage entrances and exits to the facility and at the fields to maintain proper social distancing
    • Potential restrictions on the number of spectators per player/team at each game
    • Anyone with symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) must not attend any event
    • All must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow
    • Spectators and guests must bring personal hand sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper to the event
    • All should avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with their hands whenever possible
    • All should launder their clothes upon exiting tournament and league game facilities


  • Referees:
    • All referees are required to wear face coverings when not on the field refereeing
    • Soccer balls and equipment will be disinfected by referees before and after each game
    • All must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow
    • Physical contact of any kind will be prohibited (i.e. handshakes, “high fives”, etc.)
    • Referees will utilize social distancing whenever possible on and off the field
    • May use artificial or electronic noise makers rather than whistles
    • All should launder clothes and uniforms after activities each day


  • Vendors:
    • There will be no food or beverage vendors on site at all EDP events until further notice
    • If vendors are permitted on site, they will be separated by additional space to reduce lines and any large gatherings that make social distancing more challenging

US Youth Soccer - Return to Activity:  USYS has released guidelines to provide athletes, parents, coaches, and soccer organizations with information they can use to assist them with developing their return-to-activity programming in the context of COVID-19.

View the USYS Return To Activity Notice: 5-19-20

Visit the USYS Return to Activity Resources Page

State Guidelines


EDP Soccer is closely monitoring and working with all youth soccer organization under its regional footprint. Below are links to state association return-to-play guidelines.

U.S. Soccer will be sharing a host of resources in line with federal, state and national sporting organization guidelines under a new initiative called U.S. Soccer PLAY ON.
These guidelines and best practices are intended for use WHEN AND IF your local authorities have deemed it safe to return to the practice field. U.S. Soccer is in no way endorsing holding practices or games in violation of any federal, state or local mandates.


Return to Play Phases

Recommendation Guides


U.S. Soccer is also encouraging all players, coaches, parents, referees and administrators to take the PLAY ON Pledge, which is an oath to stay informed and to follow recommendations from medical professionals, to be honest in their self-evaluation and to be responsible to themselves, their family and their communities.

Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts. These steps will help state and local officials when reopening their economies, getting people back to work, and continuing to protect American lives.



The health, safety, and welfare of all event participants is the top priority of EDP Soccer. This plan is dynamic and a work in progress. It will be adjusted and updated regularly to reflect new information and guidance from federal and state governments, as well as health organizations, and soccer governing bodies. All communicable disease mitigation recommendations and best practices outlined within are intended to deliver the safest gameday environment possible. However, following these guidelines does not eliminate 100% of the risk and potential for exposure. Please check your State and State Soccer Association's guidelines before traveling to soccer tournaments.


By registering, attending, and entering event facilities, all participants, including, but not limited to, coaches, players, parents, spectators, event staff, vendors, partners, medical and training staff, facility staff, public safety, and administrators agree to follow all national, state, local, and EDP Soccer event guidelines, and assume all responsibility of risk in attending EDP Soccer events. All participants must sign a waiver before attending to verify their understanding of this risk and agreeing to not indemnify EDP Soccer, SAJE Enterprises, or its staff nor hold them responsible for any sickness or health conditions that may result from attending an EDP Soccer event.

Stay tuned to EDP social media channels and for more information and event updates. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact EDP at