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New season. New normal. We are ready.

EDP Return to Play is now 'Ready to Play.'

As states reopen this Spring, youth soccer organizations are revising and updating their guidelines. EDP Soccer is sharing these new resources below as they become available, as well as our own health and safety protocols, mitigation plans and best practices.


Coaches and Team Managers: EDP Soccer is here to support your team(s) and will be taking extra precautions to make sure you, your players, and families are safe at all of our tournaments and league events. EDP Soccer needs your help to follow and implement best practices to ensure the safety of your teams. Please stay tuned to this page for details to help your club participate safely in our events and share this important information with your parents, players, and their families. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact EDP at

“EDP did a fantastic job this weekend ...The tournament was so well organized, from arriving with temperature check, separation of both teams/parents and plenty of stations to sanitize. You can always rely on EDP to provide a high level tournament with the best facilities. We look forward to the next event over Columbus weekend!”

— James Jacobs, STA-MUSC Head Coach


To comply with the New Jersey Governor’s announcement on 2/12/21 and Executive Order 220, which is still in effect, only two (2) parents or guardians will be allowed per athlete as spectators to watch the games from the sideline—no other family members, guests or exceptions. Please make alternate arrangements for your child's siblings, grandparents (unless legal guardians), friends, relatives, guests, or other extended family members as needed to ensure we comply with this order. 

Only essential participants are allowed on or near playing areas, including players, coaches, college coaches and scouts, referees, medical personnel, and event staff. Thank you for helping EDP comply with the important protocol at all EDP league and tournament competitions in New Jersey.


NJ Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Allowing Outdoor Interstate Youth Sports Competitions

3-17-21 - Executive Order 232 - rescinds the current prohibition on outdoor interstate youth competitions, effective 6:00 a.m. on Friday, March 19.



Please review our protocols and guidelines using the tabs below.

Player or Coach Onsite Illness Protocol


If a player or coach gets sick on the field or in the bench area before, during or after a game, they MUST leave the field area immediately and obtain a face covering ASAP. Anyone attending to this person must also wear a face covering. They may NOT remain with the team, on the sideline, or in the spectator area and should exit the facility. They are not allowed to return or participate in any remaining games in the event. It is the responsibility of all team coaches and managers to assist in this protocol.

Referees will stop the game and not continue play until the area where the sickness occurred can be cleaned and sanitized.

This same protocol applies to spectators, referees, and event staff.

Reporting Confirmed COVID-19 Infections:


If a player, coach, or spectator that has attended an EDP Tournament or EDP League event becomes infected, please inform EDP Soccer by emailing


What to do in the case of a possible infection or report of player/coach testing positive?



  • If you are experiencing symptoms, do not attend league games
  • If you are experiencing symptoms during a league game, immediately leave the facility and self-quarantine
  • Immediately notify your team and club officials
  • Seek professional medical advice and see a medical professional, if necessary, to get tested

Teams and Clubs:

  • Notify your Club Officials/Safety Officer and EDP Soccer officials, then cooperate with any mitigation and contact tracing protocols
  • Notify your local/state health officials and cooperate with any mitigation and contact tracing protocols
  • As required by local/state health and safety tracing guidelines, Your entire team and coaches should self-quarantine for 2 weeks and not participate in any organized competitions
  • Any players/coaches/teams that may have come into contact with a potentially infected individual may be notified, and asked to self-quarantine or get tested for COVID-19


State Health Department Contact Tracing
Many state health departments are asking youth sports organizations to cooperate with their executive orders and protocols on contact tracing. Please check with your state and local health officials for procedures and guidance.

NJ Health Department - Guidance for Sports Activities




Seek professional medical guidance and review federal, state, and local resources for more on health and safety guidelines.


Review CDC Guidelines


Check your state health department for COVID-19 guidelines (Links to states under the EDP League footprint):


Check your State Soccer Association guidelines (Links to states under the EDP League footprint):


The health, safety, and welfare of all event participants is the top priority of EDP Soccer. This plan is dynamic and a work in progress. It will be adjusted and updated regularly to reflect new information and guidance from federal and state governments, as well as health organizations, and soccer governing bodies. All communicable disease mitigation recommendations and best practices outlined within are intended to deliver the safest gameday environment possible. However, following these guidelines does not eliminate 100% of the risk and potential for exposure. Please check your State and State Soccer Association's guidelines before traveling to soccer tournaments.


By registering, attending, and entering event facilities, all participants, including, but not limited to, coaches, players, parents, spectators, event staff, vendors, partners, medical and training staff, facility staff, public safety, and administrators agree to follow all national, state, local, and EDP Soccer event guidelines, and assume all responsibility of risk in attending EDP Soccer events. By entering the facilities where EDP soccer events are held, participants agree to not indemnify EDP Soccer, SAJE Enterprises, or its staff nor hold them responsible for any sickness or health conditions that may result from attending an EDP Soccer event.


A representative of every team must sign an affirmation before attending, to confirm that this information has been shared with all team members and their families.

Stay tuned to EDP social media channels and for more information and event updates. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact EDP at

EDP Soccer Resources


EDP Priorities: What We’re Doing to Keep Your Players and Families Safe. READ THE ARTICLE

EDP Soccer: Creating Safe Playing Environments. READ THE ARTICLE


NJ State Travel Advisory List - Are there travel restrictions to or from New Jersey?

NJ State Travel Advisory Quarantine FAQ


State Health Department Contact Tracing
Many state health departments are asking youth sports organizations to cooperate with their executive orders and protocols on contact tracing. Please check with your state and local health officials for procedures and guidance.

NJ Health Department - Guidance for Sports Activities


View or download our Tournament COVID-19 Mitigation Health and Safety Plan.
(Details are subject to change, revisions, and improvements)

View an example of a staggered group schedule organized by age groups. This innovative format optimizes social distancing, health, and safety.

View examples of expanded field layouts and markings:  7v7 Field - 8U-10U  |  9v9 Field - 11U-12U  |  11v11 Field - 13U-14U  |  11v11 Field - 15U-19U

View an example of an alternate field layout.



View or download our League COVID-19 Mitigation Health & Safety Plan.
(Details are subject to change, revisions, and improvements)


View an example of the Recommended Field Layout with new field markings for enhanced social distancing and protocol compliance.


COVID-19 Referee Operations - 
Referees will utilize the following EDP procedures, protocol and guidance for EDP League Operations:

Download the EDP League - Referee Operation Protocols and Procedures PDF

View EDP League Referee Procedures

US Youth Soccer - Return to Activity:  USYS has released guidelines to provide athletes, parents, coaches, and soccer organizations with information they can use to assist them with developing their return-to-activity programming in the context of COVID-19.

USYS Return To Activity Notice: 9-18-20

USYS Return to Activity Resources Page

State Guidelines


EDP Soccer is closely monitoring and working with all youth soccer organization under its regional footprint. Below are links to state association return-to-play guidelines.

U.S. Soccer will be sharing a host of resources in line with federal, state and national sporting organization guidelines under a new initiative called U.S. Soccer PLAY ON.
These guidelines and best practices are intended for use WHEN AND IF your local authorities have deemed it safe to return to the practice field. U.S. Soccer is in no way endorsing holding practices or games in violation of any federal, state or local mandates.

Return to Play Phases
Recommendation Guides

U.S. Soccer is also encouraging all players, coaches, parents, referees and administrators to take the PLAY ON Pledge, which is an oath to stay informed and to follow recommendations from medical professionals, to be honest in their self-evaluation and to be responsible to themselves, their family and their communities.

Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts. These steps will help state and local officials when reopening their economies, getting people back to work, and continuing to protect American lives.