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EDP is pleased to offer a wide range of competitive league play throughout the calendar year in-line with developmentally-appropriate practices in the following programs : 


EDP is the top tier of the EDP league schematic offering elite clubs the chance to compete among each other in a club v club format in one of the toughest leagues in the country.

EDP 1st & 2nd Division

EDP 1st & 2nd Division is the home of some of the nation's top teams. Promotion and relegation between the leagues make every game a crucial one. 


EDP Premier, formerly MAPS Elite, is the 2nd tier of the EDP league schematic. Teams will be flighted appropriately based on their competitive profile with promotion and relegation between EDP premier and EDP.


EDP Championship, formerly MAPS, is the 3rd tier of the EDP league schematic where applications are separate to those made for EDP and EDP Premier. This league is for competitive teams looking to play locally.


EDP Futures

All league play from U7-U10 now comes under the EDP Futures program. Clubs have the option to participate in organized league play as well as developmentally-appropriate Futures Festivals after a successful pilot project in Fall 2015. 


EDP U20/23

Highly-competitive league play with geographical alignments to reduce travel. EDP offers both men’s and women’s brackets and leagues run in June and July. Participating teams are eligible for U23 USASA National Championship and may qualify for Lamar Hunt US Open Cup 


EDP Futsal

Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer game designed to improve both fitness and ball control. Stay competitive in winter by playing indoors! EDP offers an eight week Futsal season from mid-December to end of February. The games are 40 minutes long and are played in Central NJ locations such as Rutgers University and Rutgers Preparatory School. 

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