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Futsal Rules

2019 Futsal Rules

Laws of the Game per FIFA with the exception of the following:



EDP Futsal Modifications:
1.      Goal Keeper Distribution / (Goal Clearance as well as during live play)
o   U12 and younger age groups only:
 Within the penalty area, the GK may not distribute the ball in the air past the halfway line. When this infraction occurs, the restart will be an indirect free kick for the opponent anywhere on the halfway line.

2.      The Duration of the Game
o   Additional time is allowed to take both a Direct Free Kick as well as an Indirect Free Kick at the end of each half of play.
o   Time outs are awarded only when team in possession has kick-in, corner kick, goal clearance or kick-off.
o   EDP League Futsal
·        Games are 40 minutes running clock (this includes half time and time-outs)
·        Time outs are 30 seconds only. (running clock) No time outs permitted within the last two minutes of either half.
o   EDP Futsal Tournament NJ
·        Games are 15-18 minute halves (one minute half time) These games are NOT running clock.
·        Time outs are 30 seconds only. (clock stops) No time outs permitted within the last two minutes of either half.

3.      Point of Emphasis
o   Substitutions are on the fly and may occur at any time during the match. Players must use substitution zone to leave and enter the pitch. The player must come off pitch completely and exchange bib with the substitute before the substitute can enter the pitch and become a player.
o   No deliberate heading of the ball for ages U11 & younger

  • Follow EDP Heading Policy for restarts

Frequently Forgotten Laws of the Game: GOAL CLEARANCE
In Futsal, the Goal Clearance replaces the Goal Kick. A Goal Clearance is awarded when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, either on the ground or in the air, having last touched a player of the attacking team AND a goal is not scored.

The procedure for a Goal Clearance, the ball must be released by hand (thrown or rolled) by the goal keeper from within the penalty area and put into player within 4 seconds. Like a Goal Kick, the ball is not in play for a Goal Clearance until it leaves the penalty area.

As soon as the goalkeeper has possession of the ball within their own penalty area, the 4 second count starts. (provided all opponents are outside the penalty area). The ball is not in play until it leaves the penalty area as described above.

If the ball is not put into play within 4 seconds, the restart is an indirect free kick from the penalty area line closest to where the offense (4 second violation) occurred. If an opponent touches the ball in the penalty area before it has been put into play, the restart is again a Goal Clearance with a full 4 second count.

If a teammate of the goalkeeper touches the ball in the penalty area before it has been put into play, the restart is again a Goal Clearance, but in this instance the Goal Keeper loses however many seconds have already been counted off, so the Goal Clearance must be taken within 1 or 2 seconds (depending on what was left of the original count).

There can never be a handball on a Goal Clearance, as the ball must be released from within the penalty area. If the GK steps over the penalty area line of even if there arm extends over the line with the ball in their hand - it is NOT a handball! This is an improperly taken Goal Clearance. In this case, the referee should stop play with the whistle signal and order the GK retake the Goal Clearance. Similar to the above scenario, the GK lose some of the 4 second count and must get the ball into play quickly.