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US Club Registration


For EDP and EDP Futures league affiliation-Register under our league affiliation and pay only the cost of passes

  1. Club or team goes to
  2. Have 5 choices for registration – 2 of which are most applicable for a travel team using the passes in league play: CLUB (use this if you plan to register 3 or more teams with USCLUB) & LEAGUE TEAM (use this if you are an individual team looking to register & need a league affiliate).  Registering as a LEAGUE TEAM (instead of a club) means you register under our league affiliation and as such only pay the cost of your passes. A club membership means you must register 3 or more teams (and players) with USCLUB and will be required to pay a $1000. deposit, to which pass costs are deducted from that account.  So, for many teams, registering a league team is easier to swallow financially! You can register more than one team under that established account - as you are registering your club, but under the league affiliation.  So, enter once, and your club is registered for future teams.
  3. When you chose league team – type MSSL/MAPS/EDP (CJYSA-NJ)
  4. Club/team completes the application and submits it to USCS - BE SURE Completed all fields
  5. Contact LEAGUE Administrator,, advising you have submitted application for approval. US Club will review the application and Mike Gould of US Club will approve all new club/team applications (he checks whether there is an existing club or not. If there is, application will not be approved. Need to have club add team to existing account) If your club already has an existing account with US Club under the MSSL/MAPS affiliation, your application will be declined; but you will receive an email from the league administrator advising you who to contact within your club to register your team under the existing account.
  6. Once approved, the request goes to the league to approve.  Once approved, notice is sent and you establish your account in USCLUB/  Your password, along with your email address (user name) will allow access to the member’s only website. 
  7. League (EDP) monitors registrants and informs USCS of any improper registrants, but USCS takes no action unless informed by the league.  If your club is already a member, you will be rejected, and advised to contact the club registrar to get your team registered.
  • Teams are responsible for registering coaches and players online. 
  • After establishing your club account, go to and click the KYCK.COM link and enter your email address and password.  You will then enter your club site.  You will enter information as follows:
  • Have coaches register and complete their risk management applications. The club administrator will then go in and record the confirmation number of the application in the administrator risk management area.
  • Enter TEAM information - under  view teams
  • Enter PLAYERS – under add/view players – you SHALL upload the players’ birth certificate directly to the.   You will note the box that indicates “BROWSE” next to it to locate the file on your computer. You will also upload the players picture, which will then print directly onto the player's pass. This is also convenient should a pass be lost and needs to be reprinted.
  • Enter STAFF – for each coach; assistant coach and team manager - under Staff. Be sure to enter the risk management confirmation number at the bottom.  After coach is entered under staff, go back to the team record, and add the staff to the team. After adding the name, phone number and email, the information recorded under staff should appear and will carry that person to the team.  You will need to complete all the fields however (i.e., state)
  • Lastly, you must request the player cards – under Cards – request cards – if any information is missing, there will be a red “X” next to view (to the right of the player’s name). All information must be uploaded or validated before a player pass can be requested.  Check the box to the left of each player’s name for passes you want to print.  Click the REQUEST at the bottom, and the next screen will look for credit card information to place the order.  
  • USCLUB must be paid for passes - $24. per player; $25. per coach (2 year period)  ($18 for U10 and younger).  You shall pay by credit card or e-check on line.   
  • Birth certificates and player pictures must be individually scanned on the USCLUB site for players.
  • Club/team has each player complete the R0002 form (registration and medical release).  Club/team MUST retain this form to produce upon request.     
  • Coaching staff MUST COMPLETE RISK MANAGEMENT FORMS and SIDELINE SPORTS DOC electronically on the website site:  .  Risk Management forms need only be completed every other year for coaches. The Sideline Sports DOC must be completed every two years as well and will cost $5. Per person-payable by the individual or the club.  Cards will NOT be issued for coaches until a risk management and Sideline Sports forms are submitted electronically to US CLUB.  Registrar should register coach with each team they are coaching (separate cards are issued for each team they coach).   Direct your coach or manager (or anyone who will be on the sideline with the players) to go to  

Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) is a customized, scalable training program that includes a six-chapter online course, as well as downloadable .pdf/e-book and .mp3 products, which is designed to improve on-field triage of key injury situations. The course also incorporates U.S. Soccer’s “Concussions in Soccer” video and other Recognize to Recover content. The chapters are: 1) The SAFE Method – initial evaluation of an on-field injury, 2) Ankle and foot injuries, 3) Concussion, 4) Fractures, 5) Heat illness, and 6) Knee injuries.  All coaches must complete this online course.  It will take about one hour (1 hour) to complete. Course must be completed prior to a coach pass being issued by US Club.

USCLUB must give final approval on cards.  USCS reviews information, and APPROVES the passes electronically for Printing.   Team must LAMINATES THE PASS.  Please note, players are not required to sign the passes and the passes do NOT require a league stamp.



  • Team manages player database online; prints rosters, sanctioning forms, etc. as needed.  Players can be moved between teams within a single club, subject to any league roster rules.
  • Temporary cards will not be issued by USCS.  Until the player is issued a card they are NOT covered by USCS insurance!
  • To complete a drop/add, the player must first be released online by team #1, and thereafter registered online by team #2.  The old player card must be submitted to team #1’s league.
  • For league play, roster rules (roster freeze date, primary/secondary league etc) are controlled by the league. 
  • Custom teams and rosters can be created online and printed for out-of-league tournament play.  No other roster approval is required

All other forms, requests for insurance certificates, etc. are available online at the USCS website.



  1. A team already registered through their club with US CLUB will still need to present their roster for approval. 



  1. A team may roster 26 active players. 
  2. However, teams cannot have more than 18 players present for full sided games (11v11); no more than 16 for 9v9 games; and no more than 14 for 7v7 or 4v4 games. 
  3. Online, move players who are not playing to “open” and limit roster for games.
  4. A player can only be carded to ONE EDP registered club at a time. Players cannot hold multiple US Club player passes with different clubs.
  5. All games played with USCLUB passes will be played as EDP league games.


Starting with the 2016-17 registration year, US Club Soccer is implementing several Player Health and Safety initiatives for registered staff members as part of its Players First philosophy. As such, the steps necessary to register staff members with US Club Soccer are detailed below.

  1. Any staff member assigned to a team or working with or managing players age U-17 and below are required to be registered with US Club Soccer, regardless of whether they are volunteers or paid staff, or registered with another U.S. Soccer member organization. Sideline Sports Doc online course. 
  2. Effective July 1, all coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete this course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years). Users will receive a confirmation number when the course is complete, which must then be entered into the corresponding background screening application (see #2 below). This step must be completed by the person registering with US Club Soccer.
  3. Complete background screening. US Club Soccer Background Screening Application
  4. US Club Soccer substantially increased its background screening standard and transitioned the application and process to the Sport Ngin platform. This step must be completed by the person registering with US Club Soccer.
  5. Register, by either requesting a staff passcard in KYCK Play (for competitive staff), or submitting the Rec Registration Form #R003-R (for rec staff). [Open as of July 1]
  6. US Club Soccer registration is not complete, nor is insurance valid, until the staff passcard/rec registration have been approved and processed by US Club Soccer. In most cases, this step is completed by the club/organization’s registrar on behalf of the individual coach/staff member. This step may be completed before #1 and #2 above, but the registration will not be approved until all three steps are completed.

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