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Summer Showcase Heat/Weather Updates

07/21/2017, 2:15pm EDT
By EDP Soccer

EDP Summer Showcase Heat/Weather Update

PLEASE NOTE we are aware that current weather forecasts predict high temperatures for the upcoming tournament weekend.

We are monitoring the weather both before and during the event. Remember, it's not just the temperature, but the interplay of humidity, cloud cover and wind as well.

We will be taking available measures to deal with the expected conditions.

There will be hydrating stations at key locations at the fields filled with ice water readily available to players.

Games will be stopped for hydration and cooling breaks in each half. These stops should not exceed two minutes, and will be part of the running time for the game.

Games may be suspended during peak periods, and game times may be shortened.

Make sure you have sufficient bench players as well to provide adequate relief.

There are several articles that appeared in the SoccerAmerica journal that may provide you with useful heat and hydration-related information:

Long, Hot Summer: Watch for Heat Illness
Drink Up: Hydration Tips for Summer Soccer


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