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Referee Education at EDP Cup Spring Showcase

05/31/2017, 1:00pm EDT
By EDP Soccer

Referee Education at EDP Cup Spring Showcase



EDP is excited to host some of the nation’s top USSF mentors, educators and referee coaches at EDP Cup Spring Showcase on June 10-11. These current and former FIFA / MLS referees are national instructors with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience to share with our referees.

For more information about this event, please contact Scott Ashcroft at

“I am extremely pleased to have this particular group of USSF Mentors present at our tournament. Youth soccer is always evolving, with continuous improvement of individual players’ technical skills as well as team tactical concepts. These young players amaze me, and as referees we need to continue to improve and match that skill level.

Every one of these mentors has Major League Soccer experience, and the coaching they provide will help referees improve their general skill sets as well as more fully understand the latest interpretations to the Laws of the Game. Sharing this caliber of training with our local referees is a unique and important opportunity.”

Scott Ashcroft, EDP Referee Administrator

“As a leading youth soccer organization we are dedicated to enhancing the game for players, coaches and spectators. We believe it is crucial that we listen to and work with our member clubs and teams to help create a better environment for players to develop. Officiating is an area that we feel deserves more focus as part of that goal, so having USSF mentors attend our event to work with local referees is another step in the right direction.”

John Saunders, EDP Technical Director

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