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EDP Return to Play Priorities: What We’re Doing to Keep Your Players and Families Safe.

By Josh Blatt, 06/25/20, 5:15PM EDT


Safety is more than a priority. It is a core human value and peace of mind. EDP Soccer’s simple goal is to make all participants feel safe while attending our events. We want to instill the confidence and trust in our aim to protect you like you were a member of our own family, because you are. Our customers are our most valuable asset and we want to support your teams through the process.

So, what are we doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

EDP Soccer understands that risk of exposure to communicable diseases can’t be 100% eliminated, but by working with the top industry experts and using the latest information, we will deliver a safe soccer experience.

Since the start of the pandemic, EDP Soccer has been diligently planning for a Return to Play. How, you ask? We’ve forged new government, business and community partnerships, and strengthened relationships with our facilities and governing soccer organizations.

EDP Soccer has compiled a unique set of soccer-specific guidelines to maximize the safety of all participants, spectators, and staff. These strict protocols have been obtained from an extensive network of health, safety and government agency sources. EDP took guidance primarily from the CDC and State Health Departments as well as US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, and State Soccer Associations—the national and state governing bodies for soccer. Together they represent what EDP Soccer believes are the ‘Best Practices’ to protect our customers.

Don Rawson, Director of Facilities and Tournaments, described EDP Soccer’s readiness, “Our hard work over the past few weeks has paid off in modeling our operations and preparing facilities. I am proud of how our staff has pulled together to set a new standard of quality and safety for our events through innovative thinking such as modified game formats, compressed schedules, and sanitization practices that will create safe soccer experiences.“

To implement these solutions, EDP Soccer has prepared our operations and made significant investments in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our staff, disinfecting and sanitizing supplies, as well as purchased additional cleaning equipment, signage, and more. Our staff has spent countless hours discussing best practices, modeling game formats and schedules, mapping out logistics, training and planning to deliver a new higher standard of health and safety.

Here are the 5 overarching priorities that have defined our process:

  • Assessing and Reducing Participant Risk
  • Promoting Behaviors that Reduce the Potential for Spread
  • Maintaining Healthy Soccer Environments
  • Maintaining Healthy Soccer Operations
  • Being Prepared for Potential Infections with a Response Plan

These priorities are the broad strokes of an incredibly detailed plan that includes guidelines, protocols, and best practices.

View or download our complete COVID-19 Mitigation Plan.
(Plan as of June 25, 2020. Details are subject to change, revisions, and improvements.)

Over the next several days and weeks we will be communicating and highlighting the various elements of our health and safety protocols and diving deeper in each one to provide you with the information you need to feel safe.

The EDP Summer League, 20U-23U League and tournaments will return early next month. Before they begin, EDP Soccer will be hosting separate tournament and league Return to Play Webinars to provide your club’s director of coaching, administrators, team coaches and managers a complete review of our guidelines and protocols. These open forums will be recorded so you can share them, and they will culminate with a Q&A session to allow your staff to get the answers they need to prepare to attend our events.

Steve Shilling, EDP Founder and CEO added, “Our customers’ needs come first and based on their feedback EDP has made significant changes to its operations and invested heavily in health and safety. We are prepared to meet our clubs’ expectations of delivering great competition in safe soccer environments and ready to assist them in navigating the road back to the playing field.”

EDP Soccer will also be sharing more resources, such as FAQs, infographics, multimedia, and protocol checklists. Please pass this important information on to your parents, players, and their families. We need the help of all participating coaches and team managers to follow and implement our best practices to ensure the safety of your teams.

To put it simply, EDP Soccer’s promise to protect our soccer family and we are 100% dedicated to your health and safety. As we all work together and learn more, we will regularly provide updates. Stay tuned to our website for the latest information.

Be safe and we’ll see you on the pitch!