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College Commitment Series: Pipeline SC's Luke Eberle Commits to Liberty University

By Chris Massari, 02/13/20, 11:15AM EST


“Luke doesn’t take a play off in practice or a game. It’s to the point, where I have to tell him sometimes to do a bit less work of the 90 minutes, in order to save some of his legs. He usually doesn't listen to me and just continues to work, but we’re trying to get him to manage that. He’s probably the hardest working player I have ever coached in my entire life, which is quite a statement for a center forward, at times, some center forwards don’t like defending and doing that work. Luke is hardworking. He’s selfless and he’s a terrific leader as well,” said Brandon Quaranta of Pipeline Soccer Club Coaching and Directors Staff, about his player Luke Eberle who Brandon has been coaching for three years.


Eberle, who was named 2017 Capital Gazette Communications Boys Soccer All-County Second Team and been a recipient of the Annapolis Area Christian High School student-athlete Colossians 3:23 award, is this week’s featured athlete in the ongoing EDP College Commitment Series.


On November 20th, 2019, Luke announced his commitment to play at Liberty University as a freshman for the men’s soccer team in 2020. Quaranta, explains his player’s decision to commit to Liberty University, stating, “I think he immediately gravitated to Liberty. He enjoyed the visit he had to the school. They have a tremendous coach and a growing program. Luke could have played at a lot of places in the country, but when he came back from Liberty, he knew that it was the place for him.

Quaranta continued, elaborating on Eberle’s attitude and selfless personality, noting, “I think the focus is that he’s a talented kid that could have played most places in the country, but he’s a character individual that is not only choosing Liberty because it fits with what he’s looking for as a human being. Luke is also probably one of the best people, forget soccer or anything else, but one of the best people I’ve ever been around and at a young age. I joke all the time with guys on the team, that he’s one of those people who make me feel insufficient as a person just being around him. Just because he’s so nice, so kind, so caring and so selfless that when you’re around him, you just want to do better. To say that about an 18-year-old young man I think is the best compliment you can pay Luke.


Luke, who plays center-forward for Pipeline SC and is also a varsity basketball player for Annapolis Area Christian High School, has grown tremendously in his coach’s eyes, specifically in his leadership ability. 


Quaranta says, “Over time, his leadership ability has developed. He’s always been a selfless, hardworking kid that led by example since the day I had him. He naturally has that gift. From a leadership standpoint, he’s grown leaps and bounds vocally bringing the team along and stepping up in those big moments when the team needs him, he’s grown into that. Naturally, I think he’s a kid that’s a good teammate, that wants to be a part of the group, that wants to fit in, and that wants to be selfless. I’ve asked him to continue to do that because that’s the type of person he is and that’s the type of person we want him to be for our team. But, also because we want him to do more. I thought he had it in him and he was a guy that I thought the team would respond to as well. He accepted that challenge. He’s always had the respect of the team, but now he’s earned the respect of the group from a standpoint of being the single most committed guy in every training session and every game. People notice that about Luke. They follow him because of it. When he speaks it’s positive, it’s upbeat. He’s also a little bit more commanding now, which guys follow because he’s earned that respect through his performance. He’s grown into that and he does a great job leading the team.”


Finally, when it comes to the future of this young player, Quaranta sees a different kind of fate for Eberle than just soccer. He explains, “I could see him as a coach after college. I think he’ll do some kind of life in service after school though. Service is a big part of his life. He wants to be at the service of others. Whether it’s by occupation or charity work, something in a community-based organization. I think he’d make a wonderful mentor for any young kid coming behind him, whether that’s the soccer realm as a coach or just as a life mentor. I have two young daughters and I would love for my kids to be around someone like that in any capacity. But, whatever he does I know he’ll be successful in it.”

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