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2019 EDP Foundation Scholarships Awarded

By Alexander Martin, 07/05/19, 4:15PM EDT


In February 2019, the EDP Foundation announced it would be awarding six, $2,500 academic scholarships.

We are proud to announce the 2019 EDP Foundation Scholarship Recipients. 

An independent panel of adjudicators painstakingly read through applications from over 200 dedicated High School students who wish to further their education and for whom soccer is a way of life.

Olivia Carriero

Player at South Central Premier - Spirit

Student at Notre Dame Catholic High School of Fairfield

Attending Kenyon College

"I have been playing soccer my whole life. The game has given me character and molded me into the person I am today. It has helped me meet lifelong friends and great mentors who I can always count on.

It seems only fitting that soccer is continuing to play a major role in my life by helping me fund my next level of education. It goes to show that soccer is more than just a game".

Kathleen Rivera

Player at FC BUCKS ECNL 2001

Student at Bensalem High School

Attending Old Dominion University

"By participating in soccer I learned what determination, commitment and work can accomplish.  This scholarship from the EDP Foundation will allow me to continue to develop as a person, player and a member of the community. My goal is to show children with Dyslexia and ADHD that you can succeed if you put aside your differences and persevere through any challenges. Thank you EDP and the EDP Foundation for all the opportunities to play the sport I love in a highly competitive manner and thank you for the scholarship to continue on my journey".

Megan Connor

Player at SAC Showcase Premier

Student at Oakdale High School

Attending University of Maryland

"Playing soccer in the EDP National League gave me the opportunity to play at a high level against quality teams.  This helped build my character as a good teammate and respect towards my opponent as well as helping me reach my goal of becoming a student/athlete and playing soccer at the Division I level.  Seeing the EDP Foundation acknowledge character, respect, and sportsmanship is first class. Thank you EDP Foundation for providing financial assistance to those with these types of characteristics".

Gabe Dunn

Player at Salisbury United Soccer Club U19

Student at James M Bennett High School

Attending Salisbury University

“EDP has been a great league to be a part of throughout my years of club soccer and being a part of this scholarship program exemplifies the important aspects and opportunities EDP and the EDP Foundation can provide you with”

Nael Guerrier

Player at Florida Wolves FC

Student at Berean Christian School

Attending Palm Beach Atlantic University

"I came across this scholarship just by scrolling down Facebook. Because of my love and passion for Soccer I decided to go for it. Then while writing my cover letter, I realized that soccer is so much more than a sport, it defines you as human being. The values instilled in me by this sport will guide my way through life. I am happy and proud that I was selected. Thank you".

Joseph Kayal

Player at Mahwah Raiders Soccer Club

Student at Mahwah High School

Attending Rowan University

"Soccer has been the most important thing in my life, and I will continue to play, watch, and love the sport forever. Soccer is not just a game, it's a lifestyle that teaches you very important life lessons which can be used in all aspects of life".

Peter Gooding - EDP Foundation Board Of Directors Chairman, explains the aims of the EDP Foundation and the thought process behind offering an academic scholarship. 

"We're attempting to prepare young adults for their futures, and with the help of soccer, convincing them to take part in further education, whether they be academic or vocational".

"It’s incredibly important to help young people navigate the years immediately after High School. Studies have shown that taking part in educational enterprises, better enables young adults to cope and thrive in these difficult developmental years far more constructively. It makes sense, after they lose the structure that High School offers, moving into education that is geared towards a  career path is the ideal segue.

Take a look at the process our applicants went through this year.

"The EDP foundation is committed to encouraging and helping Youth Soccer players reach their goals in further education, the crowning achievement of course being graduation from University or Vocational School" 

"For this mission, we use as our recruiting base, EDP tournaments and League Play events.  This means we have multiple opportunities throughout the year, to bring educators, coaches and industry professionals to educate players, parents and clubs about the players plans after High School". 

The EDP foundation having this constant interaction with players taught us that a huge proportion of players yearn to further their education after High School and after the EDP Foundation Board Of Directors discussed how they can begin to help these players achieve those goals, the EDP Foundation Scholarship was born. 

Peter Gooding with joyful boys team. The EDP Foundation sponsored them to play in the 2019 EDP Cup Spring Showcase.

A College coach lecture to Cup Spring Showcase Foundation players. One of many throughout the year.

"The EDP Foundation will continue this campaign to aid our players in educational development.  Peter Gooding proudly affirmed.  "The hope for 2020 is not only to repeat the successes of recent years but to expand the program.