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EDP Rules & Procedures

Here you will find all procedures related to all of our leagues once you have registered your club or team. All teams registered with EDP are required to read and adhere to following procedures. Please be sure to download all relevant documents to share with your club members. Below will also find procedure documents related to our Conferences, EDP League Cup, Futures, EDP U20/23 Leagues and Futsal.

For help with registration or support, please view our main page for League Support 
For any additional support or unanswered questions, please contact our league administrator at

Game Day Check-In Process:


Teams will print and bring:

1. Official US Youth Soccer Roster

2. US Youth Soccer Player Passes (Except those states which have gone digital) 

3. Game Card (taken from Gotsoccer)—Please make sure this is up to date with all player information including pass number

4. Referee Fees - refer to the charts at the bottom of this page -


  • Player Pass Check-In is required for all EDP games.

  • Each team will submit a Game Card and Printed roster to the referee- which will not be returned to the coach.

  • Coaches will distribute the passes to each player who will hold it as the referee checks each one to verify each player via a photo on the pass.

  • Referees will keep player passes during the game.

  • The only exception to this will be the states that utilize electronic passes. In these states, the roster will have the player photos on it and the coach will submit that to the referee to verify the players

Reporting Scores:

Referees MUST submit scores within 24 hours of the game. The QR code on the game card is the fastest and easiest method for score reporting.

NJ Youth Soccer Medical Insurance

Players and coaches registered with NJ Youth Soccer are provided excess medical insurance.
View details of the medical insurance coverage
Access the NJYS medical claim form 

For additional information on NJYS insurance coverages visit this page.  For related questions, email