Once registering for EDP, teams will be expected to comply with all EDP rules including scheduling, match day conduct, payment, disciplinary action, etc. failure to do so may result in removal from the league. Please see below for our expectations of each team.


-  All teams must familiarize themselves with EDP REP policy prior to the start of the season and apply it to their match day conduct.

-  All teams within EDP have an obligation to be proactive during the scheduling process. If a team is not working with the opposition within a reasonable time with game details this may result in a forfeit.

-  Upon receiving the posted schedules, teams are expected to promptly make arrangements for their scheduled games. All communication should be done via the GotSoccer chat for league reference.

-  Teams should contact opponents promptly if there will be a request to change the game day or game week. Teams should be able to offer 3 alternative dates for the game to be rescheduled to.

-  Both teams must agree to the schedule date and time prior to the game being confirmed.

- The home team is responsible for arranging referees.

If a team cancels the week of the game, they may be responsible for the total referee fees and facility fees for that match and may be subject to a forfeit.

- Teams are required to attend all matches with the appropriate number of players needed to ensure the game is played to a competitive standard.