-  Heading is permitted age U12 and above

Player Equipment

  1. All soccer equipment must adhere to Laws of the Game per IFAB. A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or herself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).
  2. Shin guards are mandatory.
  3. Knee braces, if worn must be safe per referee’s discretion. The referee has the final decision.   
  4. Hard casts must be wrapped by padded by cushioning material to allow for safe play.  It is recommended that casts be covered with closed cell, slow recovery foam padding no less than 1/2'-inch thick. The padded casts covering must be deemed safe per referee discretion and the referee has the final decision on game day at the field.
  5. Players’ numbers must match with numbers listed on the roster.
  6. All players must have unique number on all jerseys.  
  7. All teams should have two sets of jerseys in contrasting colors. All players must wear matching color team shorts and team socks; one set of each will be acceptable for the team. Players can wear long sleeve undergarments, but undergarments must match the same color as the shirts or shorts of the given team.
  8. In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The home team is the team listed first or above on the schedule, if not explicitly designated.

Field Regulations

All Fields must be properly lined with corner flags

11v11 Field Dimension

  1. Minimum Length 100 Yards: Minimum Width – 60 Yards
  2. Maximum Length 120 Yards: Maximum Width – 80 Yards

9v9 Field Dimension

  1. Minimum Length 70 Yards: Minimum Width – 45 Yards
  2. Maximum Length 80 Yards: Maximum Width – 55 Yards

7v7 Field Dimension

  1. Minimum Length 55 Yards: Minimum Width – 35 Yards
  2. Maximum Length 65 Yards: Maximum Width – 45 Yards

All Fields must have regulation goals

  1. 11v11 Goal Size - 8’x24’
  2. 9v9 Goal Size – 7’x21’
  3. 7v7 Goal Size – 6.5’x18.5’
  4. Goals on both ends of the field must be equal in size
  5. All goals must have nets.
  6. Goals must be anchored into the ground or have sandbags.