1. While EDP games will adhere to normal standards of sanctions and discipline, it is stressed that we expect teams to be self disciplined and self policing as much as possible. The league stresses that the primary concern should always be about player development, and not solely wins and losses. Teams are expected to monitor their own coaches, players and supporters as much as reasonably possible, and continual poor behavior, inappropriate language, harassment of officials, disrespect to opponents or attempts to circumvent rules and regulations are grounds for sanctions and even immediate removal from the balance of the league schedule.
  2. All red cards will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee and sanctioned accordingly.
  3. Players accumulating 5 yellow cards in one season will be suspended the game following the fifth yellow card
  4. All suspensions will be served in the next following EDP match up with a regular season opponent. This game must appear on the teams original schedule released by the league.
  5. At its sole discretion, the league reserves the right to suspend a coach or player as result of a pattern of behavior.
  6. In reporting their scores, Team Managers are obligated to advise Head Referee Administrator Scott Ashcroft at scotta@edpsoccer.com (and copy their next opponent) of the Red Card received by their team, identifying both the player’s full name and uniform number.
  7. In return for self-policing the sit out of the player or coach, teams will be allowed to have their Player Passes returned to Team Managers at the conclusion of their match. (EDP recognizes that its teams participate in various other high level competitions where the Red Card sanction in league play does not carry over, and concerns for retrieving player passes in a timely fashion can be problematic.) Note that referee Game cards will be checked to verify that proper Red Card communications and subsequent sit outs were properly processed. The highest-level sanctions will be imposed if it is discovered that a team attempted to circumvent these procedures.
  8. Nothing herein prevents a Referee from properly holding onto a Pass in egregious circumstances (referee assault, violent conduct, foul & abusive language, deliberate attempt to injure, etc.)