Referees Policies

  1. All EDP games will be assigned through approved USSF referee assignors.  Teams will use their local assignor unless otherwise directed by the league.
  2. All clubs at registration are required to identify Assignors in their area who work with their club, for consideration and approval by the EDP Referee Administrator.
  3. The EDP Referee Administrator may distribute additional directives regarding procedures for the assignment and coverage of EDP games, which must be timely followed.
  4. Information (Game #, date, time, age, gender, home team, away team, and field name/address plus contact information for the home team)  must be provided to the EDP Referee Administrator or the designated Sub-Assignor at least eight (8) days before each game by the Host Team.
  5. Any changes to the scheduled game must be reported to the designated Sub-Assignor (and to the opponent) by no later than 7:00 PM and five (5) days prior to the game in question. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of referee costs and/or failure to properly assign referees for the scheduled game. Communication should be by both email and by phone message, if confirmation of the change by all concerned has not occurred by 7pm five (5) days prior to the game date.
  6. A three-referee system should be requested for all 13U-19U EDP Flight games and assigned when available.
  7. A single referee will be used for 8U-10U games.
    1. If the home team club schedules a 8U-10U game sandwiched between two older-age games, and the assignor requires 3 referees be utilized for all 3 games, the home team will be responsible for half of the referee fee as well as ALL of the assistant referee fees for the 8U-10U game, which would normally equal 75% of the total referee fee.
  8. Fees should be paid in advance of the match.
  9. Posted EDP Fees are the “default” fees. Occasionally, the prevailing rate in a specific game’s region is greater or different than the posted EDP rate.
    1. Visiting teams should be informed of such rate in advance, and are expected to honor it if the fees are being split for the match.
    2. If the home team requests an additional number of referees then mandated by the league, the home team will be responsible for the additional fees.
  10. Teams must accept that not all Referees possess the same skill set and experience, and that occasionally teams may differ with Referee rulings and the conduct of a game. All EDP participants (and their supporters) are expected to treat all Referees with respect and decorum, and recognize that player development on either sideline is not abetted by continually pursuing distracting hostilities with game officials. Conclude game activities with civility on the field; if there is a belief that further feedback would be constructive, please do communicate your comments to the referee feedback form
  11. The no-show policy for referees favors getting games played in the event teams are otherwise assembled at the fields. Therefore, the league will allow the use of a designated referee or parent.
    1. The Individual designated to referee must be approved by both teams.
    2. If teams decide to play the game as a friendly, both teams must send email notification to the league prior to kickoff.
    3. The default position of the league is that if the game is played, the result will stand.
    4. If the game is not played, it will be rescheduled and the home team will travel to the opposing team.
    5. The league will contact the local assignor and home team regarding the situation.
    6. Any open issues will be addressed at a conference between the league and the DOCs of both clubs.

Game Terminate / Abandoned

  1. Once the game has commenced, the referee shall remain the arbiter regarding the termination of any game, including but not limited to inclement weather, player injury, or behavior of coaches and/or parents.  
  2. If the game is ended due to weather conditions the rules apply as per EDP rescheduling rules.  If a game is terminated due to an unruly coach or spectator the offending team will forfeit the game and may face additional consequences.
  3. The referee reserves the right to shorten the game to maintain the field schedule.  Officials from each team will be informed prior to or during the game (during the game could be a result of player injury or inclement weather conditions).  Prior to may be a result of unexpected weather conditions, travel delay, and/or field defects that are being rectified.
  4. A game is terminated due to weather, darkness, lightning, unplayable field conditions, a broken goal, a field cancellation by the township governing body, etc.
    1. If a game is terminated after the first half has been completed, the score result of the game will be final
    2. If a game is terminated during the first half, the game will restart from 0-0 and be played over from the start in its entirety. The game will be played at a location determined by the original home team
  5. A game is abandoned due to inappropriate actions by players, team personnel/coaches, or the spectators.
    1. If a game is abandoned due to the actions of the team losing, regardless of the time of the match – the score will stand.
    2. If a game is abandoned due to the actions of the team winning or tied, regardless of the time of the match, the score will be recorded the same as a forfeit which is 1-0 for the opponent.
  6. Referee and coach submission are acceptable and will be reviewed. Submissions from any other party will not be considered