1. A team representative must attend the League Webinar
  2. The league’s Competition Committee will place teams in appropriate brackets.
  3. Teams will negotiate any schedule conflicts prior to the schedule lock date.
  4. The Default Day for EDP games is Saturday.  Teams acknowledge that EDP is their primary league, and that EDP league games have a priority with regard to any other competitions in which the team is participating unless the league accepts the priority of such other competition.
  5. Pre-approved clubs may use Sunday as their default day for Home Games.
  6. Teams playing an opponent in multiple competitions may have the result of the game played appear as the result in such additional competitions. Both teams must agree to use such result for multiple competitions in advance, and must memorialize such agreement in writing, copying the league on such notification.
  7. Teams may cooperate with their opponent to modify the posted schedule prior to the beginning of the season, to accommodate the needs of both teams.
  8. Modifications must receive consent from both teams, and be submitted to the league in writing or such other format as required by the league.  In the event that both teams are unable to agree on a modification, the league will make a final determination.
  9. After the schedule lock date, all changes require league approval.
  10. Teams will be expected to comply with all EDP rules including scheduling, match day conduct, disciplinary action, etc.
  11. Generally teams will be scheduled one EDP game each weekend. These games will be scheduled before the start of the season. The home team will make best efforts to accommodate the wishes of the away team about starting time, etc. but ultimately the home team will set the time and venue (on the weekend set by the league) and the away team must turn up and play.
  12. Coaching conflicts, injuries, or the inability to field the minimum number of players are not valid reasons to cancel a game. (EDP rules allow use of other players carded with the same club as long as they meet the restrictions of age/gender, and clubs at this level are expected to complete the scheduled match).
  13. All fall games must be played by the 3rd weekend of November
  14. All spring games must be played by the 3rd weekend of June
    1. The league may authorize games to be played after the 3rd weekend of November and June, respectively. All such authorizations must be in writing.
  15.  Player availability is not an acceptable reason to cancel a game.  EDP is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned league, and teams can supplement their roster with players from other teams with their club, providing they are age appropriate. We do not want to go against out mission of a good game every week, but we cannot have games being changed last minute due to conflicts from othe sports, vacations or other reasons. Please refer to FYSA policies on playing up as it will differ by age group.


  1. At this time, the games have not been locked due to the fluid situation around COVID. When the scheduled are locked, you will need to submit a Game Change Request via GotSoccer. We will notify teams when that will happen. No game may be rescheduled after the schedule lock date without submitting a game change form and receiving approval from the league.
  2. Game change request forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the schedule date.
    1. Note: Any requests submitted less than 7 days may be denied.
  3. A game may be changed if it falls on the same day as a league-accepted priority competition for conflict purposes. Such competitions will be acknowledged prior to the start of the season. Conflicts with games from other leagues are not an acceptable reason to cancel a game. We will consider FYSA State competition and where possible create a schedule to facilitate these conflicts. 
  4. If the host team’s fields are unplayable or unavailable for any reason other than the weather, and the listed visiting team has fields available for the game date and time, teams may switch the fixture (home team becomes the away team; away team becomes the home team) with the mutual consent of both teams.
  5. Upon receiving the posted schedules, teams are expected to promptly make arrangements for their scheduled games. All communication should be done via the GotSoccer Chat.
  6. All game dates must be confirmed prior to the schedule lock date.
  7. Teams should contact opponents promptly if there will be a request to change the game day or game week. If there is mutual consent before the schedule is locked, the game must be updated in GotSoccer by the home team.
  8. Host teams should confirm the date of the game, provide the time and place of the game and any travel directions as soon as possible, but at least ten days prior to the scheduled game.
  9. Both scheduled clubs have an obligation to be proactive in the scheduling process. If a host team is not contacting the visiting team within a reasonable time with game details, or either team is not responding to attempts to contact the team, the EDP Coordinator should be advised promptly.