Connect With Hundreds of College Coaches

Compete against the best teams in the Northeast Region!
Elevate your players' game and help them be seen by hundreds of college coaches from all levels: NCAA, DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA. 

A high-quality recruiting experience.
This event features the top teams from our US Youth Soccer National League Conferences, which is the Premier I Division in our league. Premier II teams and other National League Conference teams can also apply. 

Your club gets great competition and your players get quality looks from top-notch college coaches. Increase your players' opportunities at one of the best college recruiting experiences in the region.

Play on professional-grade grass fields at our incredible venue, Tuckahoe Turf Farms in Hammonton, NJ, where we have up to 35 fields and play 200+ games per day. Gain maximum exposure for your college-bound players—Register today!


2019 Photo Gallery - Boys & Girls

Top Teams. Top Showcase Tournament.

Age Groups & Fees:
15U-19U B&G | 11v11 | $1,350 per team

15U-19U | 11v11 | 60-minute games | Four game guarantee | Champions and Finalist Placements based on Bracket Standings. 

US Youth Soccer National League EDP Conference Premier I teams are automatically registered as part of the league. Applications are invited from other US Youth Soccer National League Conference teams. 

All domestic players must have a current, valid US Youth Soccer player pass. Guest players allowed. (See Rules & Regulations.) 

This tournament is sanctioned by US Youth Soccer & NJYS.

2019 BOYS:  Read the wrap up article 
2019 GIRLS:  
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