Full List Rules


  1. A team representative must attend the League Webinar
  2. The league’s Competition Committee will place teams in appropriate brackets.
  3. Teams will negotiate any schedule conflicts prior to the schedule lock date.
  4. The Default Day for EDP games is Sunday.  Teams acknowledge that EDP is their primary league, and that EDP league games have a priority with regard to any other competitions in which the team is participating unless the league accepts the priority of such other competition.
  5. Pre-approved clubs may use Saturday as their default day for Home Games.
  6. Teams playing an opponent in multiple competitions may have the result of the game played appear as the result in such additional competitions. Both teams must agree to use such result for multiple competitions in advance, and must memorialize such agreement in writing, copying the league on such notification.
  7. Teams may cooperate with their opponent to modify the posted schedule prior to the beginning of the season, to accommodate the needs of both teams.
  8. Modifications must receive consent from both teams, and be submitted to the league in writing or such other format as required by the league.  In the event that both teams are unable to agree on a modification, the league will make a final determination.
  9. After the schedule lock date, all changes require league approval.
  10. Teams will be expected to comply with all EDP rules including scheduling, match day conduct, disciplinary action, etc.
  11. Generally teams will be scheduled one EDP game each weekend. These games will be scheduled before the start of the season. The home team will make best efforts to accommodate the wishes of the away team about starting time, etc. but ultimately the home team will set the time and venue (on the weekend set by the league) and the away team must turn up and play.
  12. Coaching conflicts, injuries, or the inability to field the minimum number of players are not valid reasons to cancel a game. (EDP rules allow use of other players carded with the same club as long as they meet the restrictions of age/gender, and clubs at this level are expected to complete the scheduled match).
  13. All fall games must be played by the 1st weekend of December
  14. All spring games must be played by the 3rd weekend of June
    1. The league may authorize games to be played after the 3rd weekend of November and June, respectively. All such authorizations must be in writing.



  1. No game may be rescheduled after the schedule lock date without submitting a game change form and receiving approval from the league.
  2. Game change request forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the schedule date.
    1. Note: Any requests submitted less than 7 days may be denied.
  3. A game may be changed if it falls on the same day as a league-accepted priority competition for conflict purposes. Such competitions will be acknowledged prior to the start of the season.
  4. If the host team’s fields are unplayable or unavailable for any reason other than the weather, and the listed visiting team has fields available for the game date and time, teams may switch the fixture (home team becomes the away team; away team becomes the home team) with the mutual consent of both teams.
  5. Upon receiving the posted schedules, teams are expected to promptly make arrangements for their scheduled games. All communication should be done via the GotSoccer Chat.
  6. All game dates must be confirmed prior to the schedule lock date.
  7. Teams should contact opponents promptly if there will be a request to change the game day or game week. If there is mutual consent before the schedule is locked, the game must be updated in GotSoccer by the home team.
  8. Host teams should confirm the date of the game, provide the time and place of the game and any travel directions as soon as possible, but at least ten days prior to the scheduled game.
  9. Both scheduled clubs have an obligation to be proactive in the scheduling process. If a host team is not contacting the visiting team within a reasonable time with game details, or either team is not responding to attempts to contact the team, the EDP Coordinator should be advised promptly.



  1. The home club/facility may cancel matches prior to 9:00 AM on game day due to weather related unplayable field conditions. The referee shall cancel the game if they deem the field to be unplayable.
  2. Host teams must consider the travel of the opposing team when determining a cancellation. The league reserves the right to adjust the home team designation in the event that a team was found to have shown wanton disregard for their opponent’s travel needs for a specific game.
  3. Teams must notify the league that day if a game is canceled due to weather or other circumstance. Notifications need to be sent to  League@edpsoccer.com.
  4. Games that are canceled must be rescheduled by 5:00 PM on the following Friday.
  5. If the game goes unscheduled, the home team may be assessed a forfeit.
  6. Heat Policywww.recognizetorecover.org/environmental#environmental-conditions



  1. Game cards will be printed by both teams and presented to the referee before every game.
  2. Each team’s players and coaches shall take one side of the field, and all spectators shall take the opposite sideline. On the team’s sideline, the home team has the choice of side with respect to the halfway line, and coaches and players must stay within their side.
  3. On the spectators’ sideline, spectators are to remain behind the designated line. No one will be allowed behind either goal line.
  4. Prior to each match, the referee will check Player picture identification cards (player passes).
  5. Game Lengths
    1. 17U-19U: 45 Minute Halves
    2. 15U-16U: 40 Minute Halves
    3. 13U-14U: 35 Minute Halves
    4. 11U-12U: 30 Minute Halves
    5. 9U-10U: 30 Minute Halves
  6. If a team is conclusively proven to have used an ineligible player during an EDP competition, the Competition Committee may craft such sanctions as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to game forfeit, fines and suspensions.  
    1. At a game, if a team believes that a player from the opposing team is ineligible, a carded coach or manager from each team will meet with the referee to review the status of the player(s) in question.  This must be done prior to the start of the game.
    2. Players who arrive after the start of the game may be subject to this same process, with the review occurring at half time.
    3. While a) and b) above are designed to streamline game day procedures, they are not intended to otherwise limit the Competition Committee’s ability to review an ineligible player situation at any time.
  7. Respect a Etiquette Policy (REP)



  1.      Player definitions 

    a)     Primary Player – Player is carded directly to the team

    b)    Secondary Permission Player – Player is carded under a team with a different club, but has been approved by the primary team, secondary team and the league to be used as a secondary permission player.

                                              i.         For a secondary permission player, the primary team cannot be in the same league.

                                             ii.         For a secondary permission player, they are not eligible to play in State Cup

                                            iii.         Secondary Permissions are based on rules of State Associations and Leagues with in the state for whether or not they are permitted.

    c)     Club Pass Player – Player is carded to a team within the same club.

                                              i.         Club pass players are eligible for League Play

    d)    Guest Player – Player is not carded to any team within the club, and has not been granted a secondary permission.

                                              i.         Guest Players are not eligible for League play.

    2.     Players can only play for ONE club in the EDP League

    a)     Teams can use any age-eligible Club Pass players sanctioned under the same governing body who are carded within their Club. 

    b)    Teams can use secondary permission players when permitted.

    c)     Teams cannot use guest players.

    3.     11v11 teams may have up to 22 primary players on their US Youth Soccer roster

    a)     Teams may carry additional players on their EDP League roster (Game day line up) through Club Pass Players.

                                              i.         Teams can dress up to 18 players on game day

    4.     9v9 teams may have up to 16 primary players on their US Youth Soccer roster. 

    a)     Teams may carry additional players on their EDP League roster (Game day line up) through Club Pass Players.

                                              i.         Teams can dress up to 16 players on game day

    5.     7v7 teams may have up to 12 primary players on their US Youth Soccer roster. 

    a)     Teams may carry additional players on their EDP League roster (Game day line up) through Club Pass Players.

                                              i.         Teams can dress up to 14 players on game day

    6.     US Youth Soccer rosters will not freeze during the EDP season

    a)     Rosters will only be frozen for cup competitions

    7.     Teams may have no more than four carded coaches in the technical area. 

    8.     A minimum of 7 players on a team is needed for an 11v11 game.

    9.     A minimum of 6 players on a team is needed for a 9v9 game.

    10.   A minimum of 5 players on a team is needed for a 7v7 game.

    11.  All players must have a valid player pass to be eligible to participate.

    12.  Coach, Parent and Player conduct is respectful to all parties from both teams.

    13. Coaches passes can be used to coach multiple teams within the same club, however, they must be added to the gameday roster in order to be eligible (Walkthrough available here: https://gotsoccer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000552947-Adding-Approved-Coaches-Managers-to-Teams)



  1. Both teams should report all scores immediately following the conclusion of the match. Directions for reporting scores can be found on the game card.
  2. Games not reported within 24 hours may be posted as a forfeit.
  3. A forfeited match will be reported as a 1-0 score.
  4. Should a team withdraw from a bracket once the season has begun, all scores for that team in the seasonal year schedule shall be recorded as a 1-0 win for the opponent. This includes any games that may have already been played
  5. In EDP / GotSoccer bracket games, in the event that a rescheduled game remains unplayable by the end of the seasonal year, and awarding a forfeit is inappropriate, the game may be recorded by a 0-0 score.
  6. https://system.gotsport.com/submit_event_codes/new




USYS North Atlantic Conference EDP



USYS Mid Atlantic  Conference EDP EDP500 6655
USYS South Atlantic Conference EDP EDP400 6655
USYS New England Conference EDP EDP600 6655
EDP League Fall 2012 EDP100 6655
EDP Futures Fall 2021 EDP200 6655



  1. Once the game has commenced, the referee shall remain the arbiter regarding the termination of any game, including but not limited to inclement weather, player injury or behavior of coaches and/or parents.  
  2. If the game is ended due to weather conditions the rules apply as per EDP rescheduling rules.  If a game is terminated due to an unruly coach or spectator the offending team will forfeit the game and may face additional consequences.
  3. The referee reserves the right to shorten the game to maintain the field schedule.  Officials from each team will be informed prior to or during the game (during the game could be a result of player injury or inclement weather conditions).  Prior to may be a result of unexpected weather conditions, travel delay and/or field defects that are being rectified.
  4. A game is terminated due to weather, darkness, lightning, unplayable field conditions, a broken goal, a field cancellation by the township governing body, etc.
    1. If a game is terminated after the first half has been completed, the score result of the game will be final
    2. If a game is terminated during first half, the game will restart from 0-0 and be played over from the start in its entirety. The game will be played at a location determined by the original home team
  5. A game is abandoned due to inappropriate actions by players, team personnel/coaches or the spectators.
    1. If a game is abandoned due to the actions of the team losing, regardless of the time of the match – the score will stand.
    2. If a game is abandoned due to the actions of the team winning or tied, regardless of the time of the match, the score will be recorded the same as a forfeit which is 1-0 for the opponent.
  6. Referee and coach submission are acceptable and will be reviewed. Submissions from any other party will not be considered



  1. 3 points for a win
  2. 1 point for a tie
  3. 0 points for a loss



  1. In the event of tie between two teams only, head to head results determine placement (In the event of a tie between three or more teams, Head to Head will NOT be used).
  2. In the further event of a tie, goal differential determines placement, with up to plus 4 or minus 4 units awarded per game (First tie breaker for a tie between three or more teams).
  3. In the further event of a tie, accumulated goals scored with a limit of 4 per game determines placement.
  4. In the further event of a tie, accumulated goals against determines placement, favoring the teams that allowed the fewest goals.



  1. All soccer equipment must adhere to Laws of the Game per IFAB. A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or herself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).
  2. Shin guards are mandatory.
  3. Knee braces, if worn must be safe per referee’s discretion. The referee has the final decision.   
  4. Hard casts must be wrapped by padded by cushioning material to allow for safe play.  It is recommended that casts be covered with closed cell, slow recovery foam padding no less than 1/2'-inch thick. The padded casts covering must be deemed safe per referee discretion and the referee has the final decision on game day at the field.
  5. Players’ numbers must match with numbers listed on the roster.
  6. All players must have unique number on all jerseys.  
  7. All teams should have two sets of jerseys in contrasting colors. All players must wear matching color team shorts and team socks; one set of each will be acceptable for the team. Players can wear long sleeve undergarments, but undergarments must match the same color as the shirts or shorts of the given team.
  8. In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The home team is the team listed first or above on the schedule, if not explicitly designated.



  1. Fields must be properly lined with corner flags
  2. 11v11 Field Dimension
  1. Minimum Length 100 Yards: Minimum Width – 60 Yards
  2. Maximum Length 120 Yards: Maximum Width – 80 Yards
  1. 9v9 Field Dimension
  1. Minimum Length 70 Yards: Minimum Width – 45 Yards
  2. Maximum Length 80 Yards: Maximum Width – 55 Yards
  1. 7v7 Field Dimension
  1. Minimum Length 55 Yards: Minimum Width – 35 Yards
  2. Maximum Length 65 Yards: Maximum Width – 45 Yards
  1. Fields must have regulation goals
  1. 11v11 Goal Size - 8’x24’
  2. 9v9 Goal Size – 7’x21’
  3. 7v7 Goal Size – 6.5’x18.5’
  1. Goals on both ends of the field must be equal in size
  2. All goals must have nets.
  3. Goals must be anchored into the ground or have sandbags.



  1. All EDP games will be assigned through approved USSF referee assignors.  Teams will use their local assignor unless otherwise directed by the league.
  2. All clubs at registration are required to identify Assignors in their area who work with their club, for consideration and approval by the EDP Referee Administrator.
  3. The EDP Referee Administrator may distribute additional directives regarding procedures for the assignment and coverage of EDP games, which must be timely followed.
  4. Information (Game #, date, time, age, gender, home team, away team, and field name/address plus contact information for the home team)  must be provided to the EDP Referee Administrator or the designated Sub-Assignor at least eight (8) days before each game by the Host Team.
  5. Any changes to the scheduled game must be reported to the designated Sub-Assignor (and to the opponent) by no later than 7:00 PM and five (5) days prior to the game in question. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of referee costs and/or failure to properly assign referees for the scheduled game. Communication should be by both email and by phone message, if confirmation of the change by all concerned has not occurred by 7pm five (5) days prior to the game date.
  6. A three-referee system should be requested for all 13U-19U EDP Flight games and assigned when available.
  7. A single referee should be requested for all 11U-12U games, whenever possible.
    1. When a three-referee system is utilized, the home team MUST advise the visiting team in advance to assure sufficient referee funding is made available.
  8. A single referee will be used for 8U-10U games.
    1. If the home team club schedules a 8U-10U game sandwiched between two older-age games, and the assignor requires 3 referees be utilized for all 3 games, the home team will be responsible for half of the referee fee as well as ALL of the assistant referee fees for the 8U-10U game, which would normally equal 75% of the total referee fee.
    2. Normally, the home team pays $90 and visiting team pays $30 in these circumstances.
  9. Fees are split between the two participating teams at all EDP games.
  10. For more information on referee fees please Click Here
  11. Fees should be paid in advance of the match.
  12. Posted EDP Fees are the “default” fees. Occasionally, the prevailing rate in a specific game’s region is greater or different than the posted EDP rate.
    1. Visiting teams should be informed of such rate in advance, and are expected to honor it if the fees are being split for the match.
    2. If the home team requests an additional number of referees then mandated by the league, the home team will be responsible for the additional fees.
  13. Teams must accept that not all Referees possess the same skill set and experience, and that occasionally teams may differ with Referee rulings and the conduct of a game. All EDP participants (and their supporters) are expected to treat all Referees with respect and decorum, and recognize that player development on either sideline is not abetted by continually pursuing distracting hostilities with game officials. Conclude game activities with civility on the field; if there is a belief that further feedback would be constructive, please do communicate your comments to the referee feedback form
  14. The no-show policy for referees favors getting games played in the event teams are otherwise assembled at the fields. Therefore, the league will allow the use of a designated referee or parent.
    1. The Individual designated to referee must be approved by both teams.
    2. If teams decide to play the game as a friendly, both teams must send email notification to the league prior to kickoff.
    3. The default position of the league is that if the game is played, the result will stand.
    4. If the game is not played, it will be rescheduled and the home team will travel to the opposing team.
    5. The league will contact the local assignor and home team regarding the situation.
    6. Any open issues will be addressed at a conference between the league and the DOCs of both clubs.



  1. While EDP games will adhere to normal standards of sanctions and discipline, it is stressed that we expect teams to be self disciplined and self policing as much as possible. The league stresses that the primary concern should always be about player development, and not solely wins and losses. Teams are expected to monitor their own coaches, players and supporters as much as reasonably possible, and continual poor behavior, inappropriate language, harassment of officials, disrespect to opponents or attempts to circumvent rules and regulations are grounds for sanctions and even immediate removal from the balance of the league schedule.
  2. All red cards will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee and sanctioned accordingly.
  3. Players accumulating 5 yellow cards in one season will be suspended the game following the fifth yellow card
  4. All suspensions will be served in the next following EDP match up with a regular season opponent. This game must appear on the teams original schedule released by the league.
  5. At its sole discretion, the league reserves the right to suspend a coach or player as result of a pattern of behavior.
  6. In reporting their scores, Team Managers are obligated to advise Head Referee Administrator Scott Ashcroft at scotta@edpsoccer.com (and copy their next opponent) of the Red Card received by their team, identifying both the player’s full name and uniform number.
  7. In return for self-policing the sit out of the player or coach, teams will be allowed to have their Player Passes returned to Team Managers at the conclusion of their match. (EDP recognizes that its teams participate in various other high level competitions where the Red Card sanction in league play does not carry over, and concerns for retrieving player passes in a timely fashion can be problematic.) Note that referee Game cards will be checked to verify that proper Red Card communications and subsequent sit outs were properly processed. The highest-level sanctions will be imposed if it is discovered that a team attempted to circumvent these procedures.
  8. Nothing herein prevents a Referee from properly holding onto a Pass in egregious circumstances (referee assault, violent conduct, foul & abusive language, deliberate attempt to injure, etc.)



  1. A $250 fine will be accessed upon 1st forfeit.
  2. The club will pay the fine within 3 business days.
  3. Should a second forfeit occur within a Club in the same seasonal year, the matter will be sent to the EDP league office to determine sanctions.
  4. If no score is reported 3 days following a completed game, the home team will be issued a $50 fine.



  1. www.recognizetorecover.org/head-and-brain#head-brain-conditions



  1. If your team withdraws before they are entered into a bracket, you will be assessed a $50 administrative fee. Once the team is entered into a bracket, you will be assessed a $100 administrative fee if the team withdraws. Once the schedule has been released, NO REFUND will be issued.



  1. For complete policies regarding EDP League payments and utilizing club or team credits, please visit the Payments and Credits page.

Coaches Checklist - What to bring to Games

Here's a checklist of things a team manager should bring to every game:

  1. Player Passes
  2. Official Roster
  3. GotSoccer Game Card
  4. Referee Fees

US Youth Soccer Club Pass Players

  • Players may only play for ONE club in the EDP League.
  • Players may NOT play for teams in more then one club in the EDP League.

Within the club, players are permitted to play as a club pass player on a different team, given they fall under the age/gender restrictions for that team.


FIFA Laws of the Game

Secondary Permissions Player NJYS

Below you will find information and policies regarding Secondary Permissions in New Jersey.

Players in NJ Youth Soccer may only have one Travel Member Pass (i.e. primary card) that commits the player to a NJYS club.  NJ Youth Soccer also permits secondary permissions for 11U through 19U players.  Note that this is not permitted for 6U through 10U and at the 4v4 and 7v7 levels.  Policies for secondary permissions are determined at the League level, see your local NJYSA Member League for details. 

Therefore, a player may play with a club with his/her primary card in League A, and play with a club using a secondary permission in League B.  Again, implementation of secondary permissions is determined by the respective NJYS member Leagues, check your local league policy or league registrar for details.

As it pertains to NJYS State Cups, players with secondary permissions are not eligible even though the team’s NJYS League may permit secondary permissions.  If a player with a secondary permission appears on a State Cup roster, that team will be disqualified from the competition.

To be clear, NJ Youth Soccer does not permit players with multiple Travel Memberships (i.e. dual carding) and violations of this policy is subject to penalty and secondary permission(s) will not be approved until a player has only a single Travel Membership.

NJ Youth Soccer began allowing club passing with the 2017-2018 seasonal year. Club passes are used to play on another team within the same club as long as proper age restrictions are met. Contact your league for specific policies and rules of its competition.  

To form a team at a certain age group, the minimum requirement is:

7v7:  7 players, 1 coach

9v9:  9 players, 1 coach

11v11:  11 players, 1 coach