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Semi Final & Final Rules/Regulations

EDP U20/23 Semi Finals and Finals Rules & Regulations



  1. All games are to be played with USASA cards.

  2. Teams are responsible for bringing their official USASA Roster. 

  3. Each team’s players and coaches shall take one side of the field, and all spectators shall take the opposite sideline. On the team’s sideline, the home team has the choice of side with respect to the centerline, and coaches and players must stay within their side. 

  4. On the spectators’ sideline, spectators are to remain behind the designated line. No one will be allowed behind either end line. 

  5. The referee prior to each match will check Player picture identification cards. Action may be taken against teams that falsify documentation to gain competitive advantage.


  1. Fields must be properly lined with corner flags

  2. Fields must have regulation goals

    1. Full sided 8’x24’

  3. All goals must have nets.

  4. Goals must be anchored into the ground or have sandbags.


  1. U20 – U23  - 90 minutes / Size 5 ball


  1. Unlimited substitutions are allowed, with the referee’s permission, at every stoppage in play (for example, throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, after goals, upon stoppages for fouls, etc.). 

  2. Players must be clearly standing and waiting AT THE MID-FIELD LINE to be substituted (and not merely waiting “in the vicinity of mid-field”), and the referee’s assistant should be alerted, to the extent possible, of the request to substitute at the next stoppage of play. 

  3. Players standing at midfield should be substituted into the game at the next stoppage of play, unless they remove themselves from the mid-field position prior to the stoppage of play.

  4. Player(s) may enter the field of play only they have been acknowledged and beckoned on by the center official.  Entering player shall wait until exiting player has fully exited the field before entering.


  1. In the event regulation time ends in a tie, the match will proceed to two complete ten minute overtime periods; if still tied, the match will proceed to a Penalty Spot Shootout 

  2. The Penalty Spot Shootout will be as followed

    1. Each team will designate eleven players to take shots including one goalkeeper. 

    2. Only the eleven players on the field at the final whistle may be designated to take a shot.

    3. 5 initial shots per team, in an ABABABABAB pattern, until a decisive result is reached. 

    4. If still tied, single alternating penalty kicks, in an AB/AB pattern, until a decisive result is achieved.




























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