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EDP eCup Player Code of Conduct

Participants and parents should review and become familiar with the following policies:

EDP eCup Player Code of Conduct

No BM (Bad Manners). Participants are expected to treat everyone with respect. EDP Soccer and Nerd Street do not tolerate harassment or bullying. Participants found to be harassing or bullying other participants or coaches may be asked to discontinue participation without a refund.

Welcoming Environment. EDP Soccer and Nerd Street aim to make esports accessible to everyone regardless of skill level. Participants are expected to support one another in their development.

Appropriate Behavior. Participants are expected to engage in appropriate behavior at all times. Participants will avoid using profanity or slurs and will avoid discussions of inappropriate topics during the course of the program.

Timeliness and Professionalism. Participants are expected to arrive on time and be present and participate during the duration of the program.

No Contact with Referees Outside of the Program. The Referee is not permitted to engage with any player outside of program responsibilities or participate in any one-on-one conversations with any player. Any follow up requests for additional information should be directed to the program director at

Any questions or concerns should be directed to support at

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