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Referee Procedures

Quick Notes - EDP Game Procedures Fall 2017

All EDP games are played under US Club as governing body.  Games are US Club sanctioned and both teams must have US Club Passes (US Club Roster) No Pass - No Play - No Exceptions.  Coaches must also have US Club passes to participate.

Home Teams must present the Referee with Game Cards which are generated from the Got Soccer website and which should include the team roster with pass numbers.

Under the new USSF mandates, 9v9 is included in the player development initiatives. With that in mind, a 1 man system will suffice for U11 & U12 games, however a 3 man system may be assigned when available.

A 3 man system is preferred for all U13 and up EDP games. 

Both teams must present a Printed Got Soccer game card and Player Passes for all players

Both teams must present a Printed Got Soccer game card and Player Passes for all players.

If one or both rosters are missing from Game Card, the teams must supply a copy of their US Club roster, to be attached to the game report for the referee’s review.

Referees will check and verify Game Card roster with player’s pass number, name and shirt number as well as the coaches passes for each team. No more than 18 players and  3 coaches are allowed on the touchline with the team. 

No guest players permitted. However teams are allowed to use players (club guest)  from another team within their club as long as they are US Club carded  to that same club and age appropriate. Club Guest players may not appear on the official roster but are still permitted to play.

Some EDP participating teams also play within CJYSA, in order to qualify for the NJYSA State Cup tournament competition.

If game card shows CJYSA, it is USYSA sanctioned event and both teams must have USYSA passes, to be used exclusively for CJYSA sanctioned games. No Pass - No Play - No Exceptions. Coaches must also have USYSA passes to participate.

All passes must be computer generated. No hand written passes accepted.

All game reports must be entered by the REFEREE by logging into the Got Soccer.  

Link provided for reporting the game scores:

Click on Referees & Assignors login at left towards bottom of next page. At member Account Login page, go to bottom of page where is shows Referee Scoring & Game Report Access. Each league has a code # and pin #, enter corresponding #’s for CJYSA or EDP - they are listed below:

EDP Fall 2017 Schedule U11-U19 59881 6655 (EDP - US Club)
CJYSA 2017-2018 Schedule U11-U19 59890 6655 (CJYSA)
EDP Open Cup 2017/18 60988 6655


Enter the game #. After you enter the scores, complete electronic game report & save. You will then be able to record all yellow & red cards. Show correct 7+7 misconduct code for each yellow & red card submitted.

For red cards, explanation notes should be included.

In addition, any serious injury where the player did not return to the game should also be reported at Got Soccer website.

Red Cards & serious injuries also require a USSF Supplemental report.

Referees should keep the game reports for their own records. The game report is a legal document which is especially important in regards to serious injuries and insurance coverage. Maintenance of your game reports will provide you documentation to check should there be any question later.

For all EDP league play: passes for any players who receive red cards as well as passes for any coaches dismissed for irresponsible behavior will be RETURNED to the team by the referee after the indicative information for each player/coach is recorded at the game card.

League red card send offs & coach dismissals only apply to EDP (US Club) and CJYSA games and do not carry over to other tournaments or competitions.

Assault – Any assault on a opponent, teammate, spectator or referee will not be tolerated. Passes shall not be returned for any player or coach who commits an assault. PASSES should be held by the referee and sent to the address below along with the game report.

Coaches or players who commit referee assault will be referred by the league to US Club or NJYSA for further disciplinary action.

The written report of any player red card /SEND OFF or coach DISMISSAL shall be completed on a USSF supplemental report and sent within 48 HOURS (24 hours is preferred) via email to or snail mail to:

Disciplinary Committee
8 Cornwall Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Any report that includes player or coach passes MUST be snail mailed to the address shown above.

League administration to verify that the referee has properly recorded all offenses on the website as required.

The home team is allowed a 15 minute grace period and the visiting team a 30 minute grace period.

The referee is also permitted a 30 minute grace period. If the referee arrives later than 30 minutes from the start time of originally scheduled game start time, the referee will lose the game assignment (and game fee) if game has already been started by a USSF-certified referee.

All games, ages U11 thru U19, should utilize a three person referee system, if available.

Club linesmen may be used if there is only one referee.

Referees are to be assigned only by designated USSF registered assignors.

The games are played according to the FIFA Laws of the Game, except the modifications that follow:

  1. Length of the games & ball size for the corresponding age groups as shown below

  2. Unlimited free substitutions permitted for either team at any stoppage, per the referee’s discretion.

Unlimited free substitutions can be done on any stoppage including corner kicks, free kicks, injuries, etc.

Shin guards, shoes, socks, shirt and shorts are mandatory.

Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by the players.

Referee may allow padded rigid casts in the game but the final decision is made by the referee.

Teams and spectators are on opposite sides of the field, as per League requirements.

Game durations and the EDP referee fees will be the following for each Division listed below.

If the local referee fee in the game area is higher than on the game card, the higher fee will be paid. Each team pays one half of the referee fee. There is no overtime for League play.

 Age Group Ball Size Game Length Referee Fees
 U17 - U19 5 90 minutes $90 for referee $45 for each AR
U15 - U16 5 90 minutes $90 for referee $45 for each AR
U13 - U14 5 80 minutes $80 for referee $40 for each AR
U11 - U12 4 70 minutes $70 for referee $35 for each AR
U9 - U10 4 60 minutes $60 for referee
U8 3 60 minutes $60 for referee


*Referees can only accept payment for referee who are present at the game. If a referee is absent for the game, the referees who are at the game can not take the payment for them

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Ashcroft at 908-399-6916 or email at

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