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2017/2018 EDP League FAQ's

EDP League Age Groups

U9-   2009- 7v7 (EDP Futures)

U10- 2008- 7v7 (EDP Futures)

U11- 2007- 9v9

U12- 2006- 9v9

U13- 2005- 11v11

U14- 2004- 11v11

U15- 2003- 11v11

U16- 2002- 11v11

U17- 2001- 11v11

U18- 2000- 11v11

U19- 1999- 11v11


EDP League Brackets

EDP 1st Division

EDP 2nd Division

EDP Premier 1

EDP Premier 2

EDP Championship


EDP League Fees

-EDP U16-U19 (02'-99') - $725 {Optional Late Fall and Full Spring}

-EDP U15 (03)- $725 {Optional Late Fall and Full Spring}

-EDP U15 (03)- $825 {Full Year}

-EDP U13-U14 (05'-04') - $825 {Full Year}

-EDP U11-U12 (07'-06') - $725 {Full Year}


-Championship U16-U19 (02'-99') - $450 {Optional Late Fall and Full Spring}

-Championship U15 (03)- $450 {Optional Late Fall and Full Spring}

-Championship U15 (03)- $550 {Full Year}

-Championship U13-U14 (05'-04') - $550 {Full Year}

-Championship U11-U12 (07'-06') - $450 {Full Year}


-EDP Futures League U9-U10 (09’-08’) - $445

-EDP Futures Festivals U7-U10 (11'-08')- $595

-EDP Futures Festivals and League Combined U9-U10 (09’-08’) - $895

***$300 bond for new teams (U11-U19)


EDP League Game Lengths

- U15-U19 (03'-99') – 90 minutes

- U13-U14 (05'-04') – 80 minutes

- U11-U12 (07'-06') – 70 minutes

- U8-U10   (10’-08’) – 60 minutes


EDP Recommended Field Sizes


Minimum Length – 100 Yards     Minimum Width – 60 Yards

Maximum Length – 120 Yards    Maximum Width – 80 Yards



Minimum Length – 65 Yards       Minimum Width – 45 Yards

Maximum Length – 80 Yards      Maximum Width – 60 Yards



Minimum Length – 47 Yards      Minimum Width – 30 Yards

Maximum Length – 65 Yards     Maximum Width – 45 Yards


EDP Ball Sizes

U13-U19 – Size 5

U9-U12 – Size 4

U7-U8 – Size 3


EDP League Carding (*Prices determined by US Club Soccer)

All teams must have US Club passes

Players up to U11- $18 per player 

U12-U19: $24 per player

Staff: $25 (Valid for 2 years)

Staff Background Check: $18

Sideline Sports Course: $5

EDP Referee Fees

EDP Referee Fees

See the table below. Please note that:

  • Fees are split between the two participating teams at all EDP games.
  • Fees should be paid in advance of the match.
  • Posted EDP Fees below are the “default” fees. Occasionally, the prevailing rate in a specific game’s region is greater than the posted EDP rate. Visiting teams should be informed of such rate in advance, and are expected to honor it if the fees are being split for the match.



$90 Center; $45 ARs


$80 Center; $40 ARs


$70 Center; $35 ARs


$60 Center; No ARs

EDP Team Managers Quick Guide

Changing a game in GotSoccer

- Log in to the Team GotSoccer Account

- Select the event EDP League 2017-2018 from your GotSoccer homepage

- Select Schedule (You will see the chat button to the right of the game)

- Select Home Game Scheduling

- Select List View

- Click View/Edit to the right of the game

- You will now be able to edit the date, time, and field for the game


Adding a field in GotSoccer

- Log in to the Club GotSoccer Account

- Select Facilities

- Select Add Facilities

- Enter all necessary information and click save

- Select Availability- Make sure you open all age groups and click save

- Select Valid Event types- Click Soccer and League and click save

- To make the field available for tournaments, under Valid Event types, click Tournaments.


To add US Club IDs for each player:

- Log in to the Team GotSoccer Account

- From the home screen, select roster.

- Select a player

- Under Player Identification, fill in the row labeled USClub ID # with the correct information off the players US Club card.


To make the US Club number show on the Game Card:

- Log in to the Team GotSoccer Account

- Select EDP League 2017-2018

- In the upper left hand box labeled Application Information, there is a row labeled Player ID Numbers

- In the dropdown, change Default to USClub.

- Game Cards will now show the USClub ID Numbers


To download a clubs master schedule of league games:

- Log in to the Club GotSoccer Account

- Select Teams

- Select Schedules

- Click the event you would like the schedule for

- Select Schedule Download

- Click Download Excel Format Schedule – All Games (.xls)

- All the clubs games will now be on the downloaded spreadsheet


To flip who is the home team and who is the away team

- Contact a League Administrator, and they will change the game for you


Sending a Game Sought Email Blast  

- Fill out a game sought form found at

- A League administrator will send out the note for you


Inputting a score

- Go to

- Enter the Event ID- 59881

- Enter the Event Pin- 6655

- Enter all necessary information


EDP – ID: 59881; Pin: 6655 (For all EDP Games)

CJYSA – ID: 59890; Pin: 6655 (For games labeled CJYSA)

Futures – ID: 59888; Pin: 6655 (For games in EDP Futures)

Futures PA – ID: 62066; Pin: 6655 (For games in EDP Futures PA)


To assign referees

CT / NY / NJ / PA / DE  Teams

Contact the referee assignor in your local area. If you are not sure who your local refers assignor is, please contact Scott Ashcroft at

MD / VA Teams

Game will be assigned through the league by CASRA. Please contact Josh Ambler at if you have any questions.


What teams need to bring to games

Payer Passes
GotSoccer Game Card
Referee Fees

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